Sixty Second SuperFog With Thee Vapors

60 Second SuperFog – Thee Vapors


One of my favorite tracks from the New Clear Days LP, “60 Second Intervals”. Footage is from January 19th 2009, the midpoint in a 7-day superfog event that made me wish i hadn’t walked around in it. Dedicated to our lampreys-with-tenure in the MilitardInDUHstrophy Simplex with love and thanks for the help with the weather. Fucking retards, can’t you douchebags even seed clouds right anymore? Fucking ‘eh; that’s 2nd year shit. Hit the books and call back AFTER you pass the GSCESATs, ‘k?


US Forestry Service on SuperFog:

US EPA on ozone, just fer giggles:

“…the second of three papers on fog/smoke superfog accepted for publication in Journal of Applied Meteorology. This paper explains how superfog forms.”

SuperFog™_1 is a pesticide made from Naphta and Pyrethrin II; MSDS:

SuperFog™_2 is a humidifier system for herpe’s [reptiles]:

Ergo; hence, i postulate thusly:

¡¡¡OH N03Z They™ R TerrorFormzing Erth 4 teh Lizard Peepolz!!!!11!

SuperFog, Gravity Waves, And Everything


[username] anutarasamyat says: “What looks like a huge shadow from some object parked between the sun and North America today. As well it’s the end of day seven in the choking inversion layer in Vancouver. This superfog has caused nausea in me as well as a very strong sedative effect. I haven’t posted for a while because I can’t seem to do anything that requires concentration. This has got to be the worst quality video I’ve ever made but I thought it important enough to ask others what they think of this shadow and if they live in Vancouver what their health has been like in the last week.”

We’re enjoying the same fog here in Seattle, and so is Northern Europe.

Welcome to the Terrordome™ of Change™.

Justice Street

Justice Street

Happiest street in the world.

An Al10t1s Joyn’t.