Hat ring throwing.

Hi. i’m Citizen j, a 38 year old political nobody. I’m dead serious when i say i’m running for president.

Citizen j on ThierSpace

I really can’t say enough about the fact that We, The People™ don’t have a direct vote for president. Remember Schoolhouse Rock? The Electoral System, or “Electrical College” as Homer puts it?

Seattle Central Electrical College.

So, the legislatures of each state decide how they appoint delegates from the parties they’re made up of to cast votes for us. The electoral system was a betrayal of the cause of liberty from inception, and locked two of the three branches of our government away from direct voter reciprocity, making our representative democracy look much more like a bureaucratic autocracy. A new, psuedo-corporatearistocracy, internally driven by a politically expeditious meritocracy, where great Houses like Kennedy and Bush rule over thier landless vassels for as long a dynasty as money and soundbites allow. Two branches, all decided by appointment, with no real recourse. No referendum for federal legislation either, but this isn’t my issue.

It’s that one election. Let’s go back one more time. Back to 2000.

50,456,062 is less than 50,996,582.

Yes, it’s a narrow margin. So what? The will of the people was, miscounts included, with Gore. Not Bush. The elctoral system was finnally laid bare to be the sham it is, the myth exposed. “No, your popular vote does NOT actually have an affect on the presidential race” is what every headline should have read.

They didn’t.

How long did Gore self-flagellate over a meaningless recount? Did it ever occure to Jeb and Dubya to up and say “go ahead-recount again. Hell, i’ll kick down for it out of petty cash. It doesn’t matter, dumbshit.”

I don’t think these people have read the constitution lately. Either that, or they’re seriously interested in actively preserving a sham. Ate it up, didn’t you?

Hey, i’m NOT the candidate who’s going to make you feel good. Oh no. I want you to feel bad enough to kill. See, there’s no way i’m ever going to do more than get shot. I’m ok with that, and sincerely hope that in 2 years i can make enough people choke on the meme of actual democracy that i become a threat worth shooting.

Because only when the Citizen is a threat will the Authority be brought to the table.

Be a threat with me. Insist on one thing from your upcoming murder of non-choices: Insist on knowing what their timeline to democracy here in the US is. You’ll find not one of them has a roadmap guiding thier party’s policies toward giving you an actual voice.

Vote Citizen j in 2008.

I’ll take a bullet for you, America.

click to D/L Promo-Petition PDF

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