The Fair Face of The New American Left

Hello, America, and good morning to you. I’m Citizen j, aka Jak. I’m running a campaign for President out of MySpace, and have expanded to WordPress out of sheer typophilia. I’ve had my eyes on this blog system for well over a year, due to certain predilections and detours that have conspired to lure me back into the dubious community of communionitions that we call “teh 1nt0rw3rbZ” after a 6 year autoexile.

See, i like having my own little space, i mean ALL MINE; where i can run the jscripts d’jour at whim, embed sounds and generally dink around with things until layout has blurred into a delightfully dissonant creole of bad technique, unsupported or poorly implimented code, and self-obscuring references passed off as legit critique, ahead of the curve insights, “wit” or recipees.

Yep. I am the ThreadKiller, the One Who Should Not Blog. I am Legion, for We Be Many ‘n’ Shit.

None of this matters; what is before us all as American Citizens™ is the burning question of What Is To Be Done. We gots to Bolsheivic up on th’ shizzizat that is our Corpus Politi, and shout like a thousand Lenins until the feebs that vex us agree to set a couple key things right just to shut us up. Not to work the rusty razor of Marx too much, but we have nothing to lose but our increasingly heavy chains.

In short; we need to be, one and all, more like Ms Sarah Silverman. Please study this video.

My goodness what a charming creature! i am increasingly smitten with her, and have already moved past pre-stalker phase (i used “bitch” in the affectionately lascivious mode on some forumn somewhere earlier tonight, i felt quite the brute for it) into imaginairy sattelite phase of man-crush. Frankly, i feel envigorated as a result.

Gads what twisted chemistry passes for the blood of an American male. No wonder we rule.


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