Citizen j, Flickrat for President


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My fellow Flickrerians:

It is with utmost resolve i post you this, my first official proclamation to both the Flickr and WordPress populace regarding my Presidential Hopefulness™ in the upcoming 2008 Presidential Race. As you may have already noted, i have the ability to be bombastic and verbose in a decorous manner befitting that of world leaders, and i assure you i look better in a blazer or windbreaker than either Bush. I am a True Centrist™, and i’m sure everybody recieved the memo on what a good trait that is.

Vote Pro-Democracy in 2008 – Vote Citizen j – the only Candidate For Dismantling the Electoral System

Citizen j will work for You, America!

Seriously, when was the last time anyone mentioned the fact that we here in the US of A don’t get to vote for 2/3 of our Federal Branches? No National referendum on legislation, either, but let’s just stick to my target here: The Executive Branch.

Why don’t we get to at least try a direct vote? If we’re going to bother paying for new voting machines and systems, or bother counting popular vote at all after last election’s definative proof that it has no bearing whatsomever on the electoral count, shouldn’t we go ahead and make it…well…democratic? Just for giggles? Just for two (2) cycles, two (2) elections worth of no delegates, no back-room gerrymandering to rig the One-Two(Punch) Party celebration of plutocracy that we call freedom of choice? What’s the worst that could happen? People would elect an actor or a cocaine dealer? Maybe they’d be lulled into good-vibed acceptance of globalist betrayal by a smooth talker with a sax? Maybe they’d get duped by a Mason?
It’s not like it was back in Hamilton and Ethan Allen’s day, back when you could look at the mob of common humans and see the glaring differences in critical thinking ability and general political awareness between them and the gentility that made the calls. These people didn’t know how to read, they had no access to news of the world, they were hotheaded and easily led. The mob is the same, don’t get me wrong; the int0rw3rb hasn’t changed the average person’s penchant for lazy reactionary positionalism. The problem is that the gentility has stooped toward this lowest common demographic with a vengence, and our political machine has ground itself to a hazy bedwetting farce of coruption and incompetence.

Don’t think the world isn’t watching, folks. They’ll carve us back into colonies if we don’t get our shit together. Bush, Clinton, Gore and Cheney would each and every one sell us piecemeal to the British, China, Japan…whoever had the best kickback package.

We need to learn to wipe ourselves.

We need the vote. We need Citizens, not party members

The only choice that wants you to have a choice!

click for petition to sign and circulate,

– or –

click to D/L PromoInfoPetition PDF – “Common Sense”


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