Trompe L’Nom

v=lWhat’s in a name?
I only ask because it’s a common pop-culture catchphrase that lends an air of literative dignity to an otherwise gamely congestion of words. It seques the topic of a name specific; or specifically, by what name should i blog the alleged architecht of the events that unfolded 5 years ago about which i am perhaps about to regard or not?
RegardezVous: “Mssr. Usama Bin Laden, date unknown.”Usama Bin Laden, date unknown.
The FBI has been looking for Usama Bin Laden
, as i’m sure we all are aware, for the 2001…oh, wait; srry… the 1998 embassy bombings. “MURDER OF U.S. NATIONALS OUTSIDE THE UNITED STATES; CONSPIRACY TO MURDER U.S. NATIONALS OUTSIDE THE UNITED STATES; ATTACK ON A FEDERAL FACILITY RESULTING IN DEATH.” About which i am still enraged, scarred, scared, scraped and scapegoatting, unfortunately. I feel patially, if not compleatly, responsible for the way Tanzanian and Kenyan profiled peoples are perhaps being treated by my staff even today, 5 years after August 7th™. Well, 5 years and 3 years after. And a month. & 4 days.
I’m wondering if they haven’t found him in 8 years of searching because they don’t get the overseas air miles written off now? I wonder: Has 9/11 had an adverse effect on the search for this madman? Are new air travel restrictions impeeding this nation’s Top Cops from searching for an international criminal genious?
Or do they just have his name misspelled? Has he been drawing SSI as a carpel-tunnel trustfunder in Vallejo?
I discovered that a one Mr “Usama” Bin Laden has been trying to buy WMDs at a Mossad firesale in Bahrain back in (some date). The BBC, however, have a history of Osama Bin Laden, and thus our Frontline PBS did a tender portrait of this shadowy shapeshifter of Shehaeirazhad’s sons. Evidently, this other guy was an Afghanistanian Ex-pat Arab, too, and actually started the same Al Quaeda door-to-door group that Usama worked with when he did the ’98 bombings! Dude.
I hope they never work together.
Is this a real person? I still assume that yes, Osama “Usama” Bin Laden (aka “The Iron Shiek”) is in fact a real person. He is 80% myth, which leaves more than enough substance to accomplish the small task of assembling angry, morally conflicted young men together for brainwashing, training, and missions deployment. Hey, sorry to offend all you merch’s and G & A daytraders, but running wit thugs is running wit thugs is running wit thugs. I’ll note they never attack each other until everybody else is dead. It’s really just a matter of choosing an MO and letting the weapon do the logistic. So to make it easy i blame him for being the face on the Al Queada head of the Unnamable Hydra™.

The Thunder – Perfect Mind
I’m not really a fan of any part of this Beast; it sucks some something fierce. Any psychosocial symbol with a Dick Cheney arm is an abhorent abberation to me personally, though all be Permuttations of my Lady Sri Maha Deva Ma Kali Maa jaijai, peace be upon Her (or not), and are thusly a priori divine. No matter; i still want the Unnamable Hydra™ dead or at least incapacitated beyond ability to harm children. I wonder also if in 8 years the FBI has talked to the NYPD, maybe compared notes, bloodtyping samples or some such.
I just substituted “such” for “shit”. I am a no-cheque sellout, i bow to no public pressure.
Does continued acknoledgement of the events help elucidate them? No. Does it empower the perpetrators? Yes. Either way, whether Osama trained his brother Usama alone in an Afghani/Iraqui camp or if Jeb Bush personally set off the demo cord, the power cadre(s) who decided that killing 3000+ people was the ticket are reaping gains today. Another 3000 are dead due to invading a soveriegn nation which, like it or not, was innocent of that particular senseless waste of life. Again, my appologies to those who really can’t grok the fact that Arabs and Persians don’t really work so well together, but it’s always been that way and an astute 8 year old would have a better grasp of the blunt facts of global alliances than to think the secular thugocracy of Sadaam’s Baath Babylon would help a fundamentalist like Shiek Bin Laden. Hussain would have most likely ripped Usa-Osa off even during a low-level opium deal. Having been broken off the raw deal in Gulf One, Sadaam would probably want little to do with drawing a new bullseye on Baghdad with Saudi ink. He speaks Farsi, not Arabic.

Arabic: اللغة العربية الفصحى‎. Fārsi:پارسی.

I know. They all look alike to me, too. That’s not the issue.
What is the issue?

14 Traits of Fascism
14 Traits of Fascism

So don’t let ’em win again today, whoever “They™” are. Talk about something else, laugh any, ANY, no really ANY reference or commentary you come across, be they onscreen or r/l. Befuddle and drown out the voice with derisive and maniacal American Laughter. Then change the subject. Shoot the TV and ask your boyfreind what the fuck is up with not having a direct voice in the Federal government. Demand of all present why the subject of electoral misrepresentation as exposed by the bloodsoaked memory of the 2000 US Presidential election has never been talked about amongst you.
Because i’ll bet it hasn’t. It won’t be unless you bring it up. I did. Me and my posse, we’ve talked about it. 1/3 of them think that even though mob rule is a scary idea, it really couldn’t get scarier, for real. They’d go with it, and the rest of us are very pro- direct democracy. That’s roughly 20 people of my immediate circle that i’m counting,
we can subtract 5-8 people who are either lying to me (average per 20 unknown, number is estimated arbitrarely) or never actually going to vote. 2 are felons and ineligible, thus have been made campaign managers. All wish i’d shut up about it, and once this summer a stranger wanted to fight me about it. Why? Noone else ever talks about it, and he and brain had gone to the dark side like a d’jinn bottled up too long. Alcohol may have helped.
Go talk to twenty people about suspending the electoral system and making the USA a direct democracy. WTF? You aren’t smart enough to make that call? Why don’t you ask 20 freinds and see? It’s not like you’ll ever have to do anything about it.
Here’s the rub. I’m going to make sure that one way or another, you will. Side of light, side of dark, kids: Form your own lines. I’m already bathing in the light of promeathean populism, and it’s pretty cool.
A little quiet, but nice.

Be A Social Darwinist.
Embrace Direct Democracy.

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