Crisis in America, The. [vol. 1.0]

I think i smell Intolerable Acts.

Herr FristUndWarner-Hunter vant answers.

Somehow, somewhere, some traitor decided to abandon the vows we swore as a nation to uphold after the excessive human collateral sausage farm of World War II. Some pack of short-memed, ignoble, middle-managing autarchs in bad windbreakers slashed veteran’s benifits while sending kids to war in stripped-out armourless Tonka Toys while thumbing thier noses openly at the idea that they were in fact acountable to keep obligations to laws they had been pledged to keep as scripture.

Apparently all the other folks whose law degrees us laymen all look up to so were unable to sort out the complexities of the matter at the time, legally speaking. Since they have no morals or ethics, rendition and torture didn’t bother Congress or the Supreme Court per se.

Then some foreigners brought it up, so they had to clear up the fine print.

It’s not even a question, as my favorite gatekeeping ex-hired gun Vice Admiral Jack Shanahan says. Why debate torture? Given it’s status as a slippery slope, debating torture was avoided. Now it’s all cool, because both sides made concessions, you know, and that’s democracy, which is great and just.
Yeah, all you toughguys in congress really laid it out and took the hardline Geneva fundamentals to ol’ Dubya. Fair well beat him down.
No trials for war criminals this decade, peaceniks. The CIA’s secret rendition network now doesn’t have to be secret.
What, you thought they would impeach him? Maybe the UN was going to bust an SIS move and Mossad Bush, Cheyny and Rummy off to Gibraltar for War Crimes Trials?

Join all 40 ex-DOD and armed services executives who think we should act less like our puppet regimes and more like humans.

Get it yet? The Legislative, Executive and Judicial Branches are acting in tandem. This is known as a “bad thing”, as Ethan Allen told it.

Maybe we should remove the incestuous umbilical cord tying our Federal branches to each other and instate a direct public vote for the Office of President before the next cycle.


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