Burn all of your books.

Do it. They’re not helping. They inform no-one. They are lies told to a fool by an idiot, full of smoke and mirrors, thunder and wind, signifying the fact that you would like to appear concerned or intelligent at a wine and cheese party.

Who blew up the Towers?

Who cares?

Who cares that you’re interested? I’ll tell you who cares: Dubya’s controllers. Do i really have to explain the simple concept of the Grouse Hunt again?

Did you know that the Twin Towers were a mostly despised eyesore and sunblocker that were built on the site of a beloved community garden? That for most New Yorkers they only gained meaning in falling, and that the expence of safely removing the asbestos fireproofing was the only reason that they weren’t demo’d earlier?

Global Century Investments
Follow the money.

In other news, certain Aryan Playboys have been seen lighting up the Ney York evening in classic I-Spy sportsjackets.

Ahmadinejad takes the point, 15-all.
Wonder if Turkey has released the rest of the Iranian delegates yet?

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