A Call For Actors

I hate protesting.

Hate it. Always have. I’ve spent hours, days, weeks protesting. Months sleeping in front of Federal buildings in between classes and work. One can’t do that now. Sleeping in front of a Federal Building in your city may get you jailed, might get you remanded.

I hated it. I didn’t get paid, i didn’t get laid. I didn’t get arrested, tho. Never have.

Strikes me as rather dumb. It doesn’t rock the system very much when the cops drag you off and fine you after beating you. Thus, after 2 decades of direct action i have NO street cred. WTO mace counts for nothing, especially as i was one of the mocha sipping bystanders for that little footnote.
Hands Across North America
October 5 is the walkout. I cringed, i volunteered. I hate protesting, and Seattle is the worst for snooty, snotty, ill-concieved and potentially more dangerous than effective “actions.” Plus they all hate me, with good reason, since i talk about things like how assinine a march is compared to the idea of organizing for a PURPOSE. Like, oh, say ending the electoral system’s stranglehold on American democracy.
paper ballots can be faked, tooElectoral Gatekeeper True Majority
However, there’s no choice. I have to be there. See, i give a fuck. It’s not an option when you actually care to blow off an opportunity to stand in solidarity against a unjust government.

Please show up so i have someone to talk to.


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