The Veil, Parted

It is increasingly hard to intelligently articulate the meme which drives this campaign. There appears to be none who appreciate the mechanism of aristocracy that is the electoral system, nor that it’s undoing would indeed undo much of the power elitism that informs our body politic. I am at a loss to inform and incite on such a basic truth. When faced with the facts as they present themselves in the personal intimacy of live conversation i have met only a few that find flaw with my plan; and of these none whom place my logic or understanding of constitutional law at fault, but rather cite the end result as “descent into mob rule”. Though this may be the case, i have found that mere reference to the past 6 years of unjust and illicit rule has been adequate to turn even the staunchest intellectual elitist into a proponant of populism. Thus, if i can but corner each and every American Citizen in person, we stand a chance of turning the tide towards what is clearly the most honest and overdue course of political endevour: instituting direct popular vote as the only legal method of choosing a Chief Executive.
Here’s the rub of it. I know why this is so.

It’s not sexy enough, is it?

There’s no dark legions of Illuminati to out with Truth™. There’s no secret to it at all.

There’s no futureshock scenario to draw the nervous mind into sympathetic neurotic conviviance, no reels of YouTube hockumentary to illustrate the issue with ad nasseum.

Even worse, it is self-evident and self-succoring; it comes with a solution.

Oh my, how we Americans detest a solution, in particular a praeterobvious and simple one. It is a foulness, a scourge, an Untouchable leper of a reality. Witness the way you drive your car, knowing it is nothing more than a crutch of death that lines the pockets of the ugliest type of opportunistic war profiteer every time you do. Answer?

Don’t drive your fucking car, asshole.

I don’t drive mine. Why? It’s a crutch of death that lines the pockets of the ugliest type of opportunistic war profiteer every time i do, and i really don’t like war profiteers.

I digress, perhaps because my subject isn’t sexy enough.

JFK on who shot him

Yes, Virginia, there is an international power elite, comprised of bankers, financiers, and corporations. There has been for a very long time, no matter what anyone tells you. You really think capitalism is a new thing? A bold new beast? I see. Let’s talk about who funded the Crusades, perhaps; how much interest they charged, and why this scheme eventually folded. These folks have gotten better and better at defining their organs of control, and the new thing that this century did give them is the multinational charter corporation. Well, somewhat new; the Dutch East Indies Company comes to mind as one precursor.

The Enclosure Acts are the clearest illustration of how the power was transferred to these entities. The Lords of Britain had accepted the symbol of exchange of gold as the measure of wealth, thus enabling them to trade off land for cash. This they did, screwing the commoners out of thier fiefdoms as they went. Now everybody had to use cash, which they did, having to eat and all. Some of the hep lords became capitalists proper, with the new resource of urban poor to work thier new factories. Some of the heppist kept thier land as well.

See, land is still real wealth. Hence we call it “real estate”.

This has been, and will always be, both the boon and bane of international banks. They make money by hedging land, and thus need a relative valuation system to leverage increasing returns on, since there’s only so much land. However, land is worthless if it’s on fire, or in the grips of angry peasants. A bank can lose all of thier holdings in one good coup d’tat, if they don’t have diversified holdings. This is why we won’t have a One World Order.

NWO in Thier Own Words

One World Order = One Order To Set Ablaze. They know this. They also know that the moment they try to enact such a thing those of us who know who the players are will cut thier skinny throats. Serious; it’s no secret who these fucks are, y’all. They’re just people; they die easier than most, actually. This doesn’t worry them half as much as the Laws Of Capital do, tho. Capital is based upon dynamic tension, and requires multiple players to work. One World Order = One Stagnant System, with no-one to get over on. This doesn’t allow for increasing margins, thus spawns decreasing returns. That’s a dying system. That’s not what the Board will allow.

So where does this bugaboo come from?

“Who wants a One World System?”

I do, dipshit. I’m a Marxist, remember? We’re the ones who call for an Internationalle, since the system we have in mind isn’t a relative value system. It’s not neccessary to our economy to have infinately increasing margins; in fact, that’s one of the things we say is insane and inevitably dooms capital to failure.


I wonder why this pervasive villification of an Internationalist agenda would gain such positive spin in an era of increased nationalistic focus? What about it, alleged Lefties? Do you propose isolationism as the panacea for your imaginary NWO?

If They™ were shooting for One World, how come you can’t leave the US without a permit now?

Most importantly, why don’t you want to try to stop them by removing the electoral system and establishing a populist method of control over the Federal government of The United States of America?

Dunno if you RightWingaz have the same trouble with the Globalist Bugbear that we on the LiteLeft do. I’ve known many a separatistish Red Stater though, and blaming the UN is another face of the same windmill. Either way it’s a cop out to blame the power structure we enable for our inaction as Citizens. The answer is the same for you; you want a REAL voice? GET A REAL VOTE. It’s the only thing my dad and i agree on, other than redheads.

* Direct popular vote election of President and Vice President
* Direct popular vote affirmation of Supreme Court Justices
* Direct popular vote ratification of congressional law in matters other than feduciary

As we are the power that informs our civic and state governments, so should we our federal. One head, one vote.

No more partisan gerrymandering. PACs will have to cut deals with citizens’ groups. Abrahmov will have to bribe YOU, neighbors and freinds.

Think it over. If i’m willing to give you RedState yokels a direct vote, isn’t it worth considering right there? Wouldn’t you like to see Buchanan in the runoff? In the Whitehouse?

He’s not getting there unless you can put him there. The electoral college won’t. He is not one of Them™. Niether are Gingrich, Robertson, Perot, Nader, or Citizen j.

C’mon. Let’s try direct democracy. It’s so crazy, it just might work.


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