Bagging On Dick, or 3 Questions and 2 Answers

Pre-Querry: I wrote someone, i was all, like:
“Hey, saw your comment in Gen Clark’s blog, and just have to give props to you for being one of the few Citizens who can still follow the $. Here’s a serious question (i am being sincere in the above statement, mind you, so look at this as a desparate cry for help; ie, lie if you don’t know the answer, plz):

Who is Cheney’s Boss? It doesn’t seem like the guy’s gotten particularly rich, or that $ motivates him, personally. I always have gotten the impression that he is very close to the “inner circle”, along with Caspar and Henry and the rest of the Plummers, and he has definately made money for war profiteers hand over fist in his long and disgusting career. However, his own books are pretty sparse, not clean, mind you; just not as bling as one would imagine. He’s the only Haliburton board member to not make a 500 percent margin on his latest handworks, you know? He works for another, or for another reason. He’s a lawyer shooting bulldog, but for who?

Vote Citizen j in 2008, BTW. ”

Dunno if they’ll answer, so if anyone could, i’d totally appreciate it. I’ve been trying to figure it since Bush 1, and even the SourceWatch folk can’t really help. – Cj_08

In retrospect, i should have said “whom”. For Whom Doth Dick Pillage All, Always, Anon? Is Halliburton a domestic parent or something…else?

“Aw, just round to the nearest 20,000, Dick.

From Rice U’s “Guide to the Brown & Root / George R. Brown
Executive Files, 1937-1978”

“In 1914, native Texan Herman Brown was given eighteen mules in lieu of back wages for construction work done in his hometown of Belton, which he used to enter the construction business on his own. In 1919 his brother-in-law, Dan Root, advanced him money for working capital, and the company was named Brown and Root, Incorporated. In 1922 Herman’s younger brother, George Rufus Brown, joined the firm. Dan Root, a prosperous Central Texas cotton farmer, died in 1929. The paving of dirt roads and building of steel bridges for municipal and county governments in Central Texas led the firm to a successful joint bid in 1936 to construct the Marshall Ford Dam (now Mansfield Dam) on the Colorado River. A 1940 contract to construct the Corpus Christi Naval Air Station was the first of their big federal war projects. The brothers formed the Brown Shipbuilding Company in 1942 and constructed more than 350 vessels for the navy. The shipyard had a labor force of 25,000 and won the Army-Navy E and a presidential citation.”

Cheney’s portfolio up a bit more than i had guessed

Basta. So maybe he’s just a greedy, greedy fucksore.

Next question: Why are we letting the media set up Iran?

Happy 28th Birthday, IRI!!

Why is Josh Wolfe still in jail?


Read Democracy Now!’s Josh Wolf Interview, and then wonder why this is even a story. Dude’s witholding evidence from a grand jury. Sorry, Josh, you’re part of the problem. That’s why you’re still in jail.

Well, two out of three ain’t bad.


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