Hot Winter – Cold Blood

I guess nobody else has noticed the IDF incursion in Nablus. Israel has been wrecking the West Bank city for the past 4 days, since the Palestinian infighting came to a screeching halt in Mecca last week. I’m not implying that the two are related.

I’m stating it.

Hot Winter In Nablus
From The Electronic Intifada

The Electronic Intifada is one of my fave feeds; they never fail in depressing the shit out of me with some YHWH-forsaken tale of inhumanity. The Palestinian people have nothing to lose by risking life and limb to get word out about what goes on behind the Wall Of Shame, since they’re all targeted for genocide anyway.

It’s Treblenka in slow-motion, going strong since 1948. Israel’s anti-Semitism knows no bounds.

So i made it up to myself by adding some new fun facts & DIY to the Functional Intructional playlist, including an intro to circuit bending.

Functional Instructitainmentismae

Also, regardez vous si vous plais, important new additions to the Renting In Iraq saga, most probably with a shelf-life. Notably probably effemeral are the CNN Al-Quiada funding story and the “leaked” footage of a US fighter striking British troops.

Aluminium Azrael

Renting: A War Joint

I added a short clip depicting a British Tornado fighter-bomber striking an Iraqi position. Here’s the frame of interest.


I just assumed it was a laser-guided bomb, until i noticed another user had uploaded it with a title asking, “Is this a laser?” I watched that one, and thought that it had been altered. Then i watched this one again, which doesn’t make mention of laser guidance or much of anything.

According to Wikipedia, which i’ll admit is NOT Jane’s, the Tornado carries Paveway laser-guided bombs, which are all unpowered, meaning no contrail. So….w/e. I don’t think we’re at laser stage yet for actual weaponry, although we’re close.

Man, we suck. No wonder you chickenshits don’t trust yourselves with direct democracy. I have bad news, though: your current ruling elite is rich, and the rich HATE YOU.

N35T – Dr Rev Steve Martin (ne Short) Luther King Jr, PHD vs The Can Haters


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