Frenching The Japanese

Gungrave 1

Gungrave 2

Gungrave 3

Gungrave 4

GunGrave 05
Uploaded by olivierguedes

I wrote such a pompastalicious jism about Disney and Anime that the Scr1pt_G0ddess fully ate the post before i even knew i was out of line. I was WAY out too; i even compared GunGrave to that peice of shit Cistern Chapel.

Blandon Heat has been most insistant on the topic of the Popular Vote.

Too bad DailyMotion’s iFrame players can’t be trusted…it looks way nicer with the full French Push.

What doesn’t, though?

BTW, i don’t speak French, although i’m starting to see what Japanese means to French speakers. I wouldn’t call that understanding either, though. I’ll get my English subs up soonish, mayhap.

Here’s a playlist you can’t hear without clicking below.
Tunez For T00nz, From T00nz

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