Ba’ath Matte

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King Missile III- Royal Lunch Buffet

The Ba’ath Party – Autopsy of a 20th Century Unity Movement

The Ba’ath Party was built on the misuse of the words and dreams of one Michel Aflaq, a Syrian-born Greek Orthodox scholar and Pan-Arab populist. Having fled his beloved Syria when that country’s co-opted Baath Party led to the current dictatorial dynasty, he was heralded in his new home of Iraq as proof that Sadaam’s Ba’athists were The One True Party™.

Sadaam: one of our more killingest patsies!

Mssr. Aflaq’s protestations were not broadcast, but he was allowed to live out his remaining years, trying to get Arabs from all nations to work together for the greater glory of Arabism and championing free speach and human rights.

His failure is notable because of its bitter paradox as well as his unsinkably good nature.

Persistence is all.

Observez vous, si vous plait – the Ba’athist Palestinian/Kuwaiti flag flying over the school at the begining of the following cartoon.

Block 13

متنزهة جنوبيّة

We have no subs yet. Srry. I still laugh though; they’re visually off the hook, chain and meter. My current theory is that it’s set in one of the migrant worker “towns” set up in the OTHER Palestinian Apartied system by the Saudi Arabians and Emerites. These nasty little company towns were the model for KBR (Halliburton) when building the Green Fortress in Baghdad. Seperate but not-equal is the rule for the disenfranchised workers of the world. The Ba’athist references obvious in the Teacher’s character and the fact of Kenny’s headwrap have more sting if i’m on the right track here…

(Nase! Help a brotha out, G! I KNOW you know some folks who sprakenzei Arabic…it’s for world peace, dammit!)

Speaking of thangs Iraqui and American Monolingual Handicapability, some fresh vids have been added to the cornocopia of insanity that is:

Renting: A War Joint

Additions include an American GI parotting Iraqui (looks like someone’s being tricked into saying something they probably wish wasn’t on YouTube), a couple of n00b IED strikes, and an IED/VBIED training demo from the Insurgents’ SoCOM video game.

Wrapping up this Arab Moment™ is a rare up-beat story about post-pull-out Nablus from the Electronic Intifada.

The First Annual Suryu FilmFest Continues!

Live From Death Row – The Analyst You Love To Hate

Sri Doktor Mumia Abu Jamal’s
words from death row come via
and are video mixed by
Suryu, aKa ThierSpacer Ismael. /Props!


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