Now, i’m not the one to talk 9-11 Truth with, as anyone who’s read more than 2-3 entries should gather. I know who profitted from the Double Uglies falling, and it wasn’t Kaliph Shiek Mohammed, Gee Dub or Teh Barv4ri0n 1llumiNaziZ. The former most probably did have a hand in the planning and execution, since it was his life’s work to bring the WTC down. No-one else was even on the radar, really. Gee Dub does as his scripted to do, and that’s all about Cheney’s aging Plumber buddies and the transnational war profiteers they work for. 9-11 may have been aided and abbetted by these sick fucks, but they would have invaded Iraq anyway. It’s what they do.

Who made money on it? That’s your suspect. No-one stands to gain anything from such an act except developers and insurance benificiaries. Al Que Do’h was/is OUR intell and covert op network, built with our good buddy Saud’s people, and they gained nothing from the towers falling. They had no reason to do it, and thus it is ignorant at best of the Administration to blame them; but they ARE a dull lot.

Missing YouTuber Halifaxion would disagree strongly with me.

Halifaxion Memorial

The above playlist is full of pro-Truther 9-11 vids and anti-Halifaxion posts from the Chomsky crowd.

Personally i think they’re both retarded for falling for the oldest trick New York has: a slumlord’s arson blamed on foreigners.

(BTW, i had a much better rythmn to this rhymless rant on Blogspot; but da ‘Press doesn’t jive with my jukeboxes or embeds. Hence, y’all get the truncated version sans a whole bunch of neat NASA/ESU/JPL soundfiles and such. I now clumsily segue to the REAL conspiracy.)

We are Them™. You know this. You STILL consume crap made by corporations who heedlessly waste today’s resources for tomorrow’s margin call.

WTF is up with that?

Labor Value

W/E. I don’t drive, that’s all i can do here. Maybe some day (maybe soon, now that i have an uncomfortable amount of lesiure time) i’ll start sugaring your SUVs; but for now i mind my own eye-logs.

One thing we all should get motivated about is owning our governments in a mature, adult fashion. This will require non-partisan thinking, which comes easy if you ACTUALLY think about what these career politicians do to ensure thier dynasties, and how absolutely piss-poor the outcome ALWAYS is, has been, and will continue to be. It’s the result of cronyism, nepotism, and rhetorical polemic from a class of professional liars we allow to rule us, as if they have valid opinions or vision.

I’m most pleased to announce Nils’ video campaign, the next stage in the only REAL game in town.

Tro’ Da Bums Out!

Tenure Corrupts!

(Hey, i’d love it if you pussies were ready to wipe your asses and join me in a fight for direct democracy, but after a year and a half i understand that you’re too scared of yourselves to think about it. Ron Paul – your ass is still MINE, though. The rest of you should baby-step into electoral responsibility by implementing the ideas expressed above.)

11 responses to “Disappeared

  1. Holy Fuck Dude!

    A slumlord’s arson blamed on foreigners?

    I must admit the angle never occurred to me. And I spend endless hours staring at the wall, drooling a little while I think about the angles — asking myself, about everything, always: “who stood to gain the most money?”

    The fucking slumlords!

    And the contractors? Right. Like the ones from the video you mean — who use their unique “expertise” to blame 911 on the government.

    Holy fuck.

  2. Exactly. They’re the only ones who gained anything, and boy did they cash in. They got the towers demo’d, which couldn’t have been done at a profit legally due to the amount of asbestos removal required; they got the developement contracts worth billions; they got the insurance payoff; and they trucked out the bullion in the basement. +4 powerup for the NY Developer’s Mob.

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