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WTC 7 – Audit that, biotchesez!!!

Candidate’s comment to Popular Mechanics:
I think Canada did it to take our attentions away from their assumption of Bechtel’s bid-list; and although i would like to believe that Pop Mechanics’ armchair CSI is plausible as much as i would the standard Truther? fable (that Dubya and his Illuminati freinds used alien C4), niether get my timeslice. I require hard lab forensics, and you both have missed the option for an actual inquiry by years.

All the evidence is gone.

So, only speculative sleuthing is left.

Start with motive.
I’d put Kaliph S Moha’ as prime suspect at this point; he’s the one with a stated threat AND a prior attempt. 9-11 would have been a successful life’s work for him. However, his cabal wasn’t particularly good at IT (International Terrorism), being moled out in the 90’s; he’s no Jackal.

Ideologues are the exception among criminal masterminds, though. Most are just greedy. Thus the next most likely suspect is a profile familiar in New York; an inspecific slumlord, one who has a partner who’s into development and another in demolitions, maybe another in industrial scrap. Remember, the bullion in the basements was moved out too.
Next would be Haliburton, for real; even a 5th grader could see by the time tower 2 came down that we were going to war with Iraq, and that meant a cash payoff for our usual suspects in war profiteering.

I’m sure a couple more cabals could be reasonably suspected prior to adding our Sunni allies in Afganistan to the list of criminally motivated, and without a money trail i really don’t see them motivated enough to spend as much as was required to train, inject and house the agents here who pulled it off.

First, follow the money. Who benifits? The benificiary or Bin Laden? How much cash is being/has been spread around as opposed to lump-sum dropped on particular companies involved in the properties affected?

I mean, IF you want to get at an answer. If you just want to bitch about a bitch’s demand for a real investigation and give the rest of us no real meat from EITHER camp, do by all means keep playing the 9-11 Truth? Game with the conspiracy crowd.

I know I sure love it. It’s refreshing to have so many people in the country around me dance around the real issues and throw shit at each other.

No wonder we still have the electoral college embarassment…

/C_j’s comment

Oh, do let’s all jump on the lesbian for actually talking about a politically pertainant issue.

Gloria Stienem: GynaGatekeeper

W/E. I’m telling you, drop it. Time’s wasting, and there’s no aliens coming to give you more.

Simian Suffrage?

The Dems will put a woman or a black up. This will give you a Republican president in 2008, even if the popular vote disagrees. Congress will allow Dubya’s agenda to play out, since that’s what Congress does is facilitate the ruling cabal’s agenda.

Unless you limit their terms.

Tro’ Da Bums Out!
Tenure Corrupts


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