I love Penn and Teller, all the more because i often agree with thier points but find thier analysis lacking. They represent to me the better-minded American; a demographic of reasonable folks who still miss the bigger picture.

The founding Fathers did intend for us to be armed, as individuals. This was to facilitate “A well regulated militia,” being as a militia is a local defence force of citizens, an unpaid volunteer brigade like the original Minutemen. Washington gives the big clue as to intent at the end of the Revolutionary war, when he marched his army to the Continental Congress and submitted his resignation.

You don’t need a standing army in peacetime. You only need a well-regulated system of militia. Thus you need armed citizenry. They figured we would remember France’s help in the revolution, which was NOT won by citizen soldiers but by naval blockade.

The Redcoats and Hessians would have quickly devastated Washington if they had been able to land.

That said, yeah; gun control is bunk. However, don’t think that guns are going to help you against a government with tanks.

I’m not going to rerun the Instuctional Functional video “Don’t Bring a Rifle to a Tank Fight.” Google it.

I reiterate: Never has an insurgent force successfully repelled a dedicated invader. Never. In any case where you may think this was reality, look deeper and you will inevitably find a power equal or greater backing the insurgents and in most cases directly fighting with them. In other cases, like the Boxer Rebellion, it’s just a rouse that the invader had control to begin with; the British never had a chance against China. IT’S CHINA. When they got what they needed they pulled out the rockets and cut off the opium. Dreadfully sorry, old chap, don’t stain your wainscoats on the way out. Even Imperial Japan didn’t control China, they just managed to rape part of it before the tide tuned.

Point being that revolution must truly come from within the individuals that make up a nation, and although it may be a good macrophychological tactic to arm the citizenry, an armed citizenry is not going to change the way the nation works. Changing the way we think and live is.

Changing a couple electoral laws would be a great start, though.


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