Workflow Check

TiS kicked the can in my head forming over the Virginia Tech Massacre with this post.

Sky News posted this image on their server at 10:10 AM.

This man apparently had nothing to do with the massacre, as it was apparently one man acting alone who perpetrated the killings.

Running traceroute, BRB.

‘K. It’s a UK server.

So at 10:10 in the morning (5am US Eastern) on the 16th a picture of an asian man getting arrested was posted on the Sky servers. File had been edited at 9:10am (4:10 am USE). Hours later, when the events unfolded and the story was run, this picture ran with it (Caption: “A man is arrested by police”) although the suspect allegedly died at the end of the day’s slaughter.

Just so we’re clear on the workflow.

Soul Coughing – Unmarked Helicopters


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