Open Letter To The Aether

My fellow Americans:

Dennis Kucinich stood alone yesterday as he delivered articles of
impeachment against vice-president Richard P Cheney. It is not
surprising that this may come as news to many, being as there has been
little to no coverage of this overdue and desperately required action.

Although action is of course encumbent to affect movement, we all know
the American citizen is incapable of this, so I merely encourage all
to at least reflect upon these dual facts.

Enjoy your last rays of imperial sunshine,
– C_j

Citizen j in 2008!!
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4 responses to “Open Letter To The Aether

  1. Whatever man.

    I didn’t know you were a sucker for this kind of shenanigan!

    My friend: It’s just a double-digit poll vault ploy by another sell-out Democrat.

    That’s why they call him m’boy Dennis who is init2win It Kucinich!! Yeah. He’s just like the rest of ’em alright.

    Has to be to be in it to win it.

    So happens: his shenanigan happens to be the one thing on the planet that could give him a shot to win.

    Due to the enormous worldwide popularity enjoyed by the prospect of impeachment.

    Gets a big old Right On! from this politics & peace junkie.

  2. Oh, i’m a big sucker for this one! Damn, i just realized that i don’t have the I’m Peachy thing up here…basta. I was trying to tell one and all that impeachment was a lark, then after Ms Sprakenze Pelosi nixd it i repeated the notion echoed by y’self; DemonKrauts and RepliCons work together, and nothing is happening less than removal of Cheney and company…and now that Denny has been bagboy and the motion sits on Conyer’s table we can watch it die and maybe do a little CSI on the process for the elucidation of the syndrome. Maybe. So i guess that’s what i’m a sucker for, really: a good autopsy. C’mon Mike, grab the bonesaw and roll up yer sleeves! This is the most funnest part of the slow-motion apocalypse!

  3. Bonesaw? Well — to each his own I propose. Personally I prefer to fork through my Subject’s brainz…

    and don’t get me wrong — I am a gigantic proponent of President Nancy.

    Good Luck

  4. ‘k, i’ll peel the pan d’ cranium back for you, then. I get sloppy seconds on Pelosi’s Palamino, tho.

    oh, that was a nice little circle jerk of equestrian pop-politickin’, there huh?!

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