Crunchy in the Middle


Now here’s some sucking.

Cold Summer in Nablus

Gee, it’s just soooo hard to tell what’s up in the Hebron, huh? So many different groups, all so well funded, and no way to get food and meds to refugees, let alone securing the region…Golly, what a pickle.

Shitsucking landgrabbing fucks, the lot. The only way to save what’s left of the disestablished Araemetic refugees on the sucky side of the Wall of Shame is to distribute personal Gundams to all Palestinian children. Japan, a little help here?

Serious, don’t watch the whole playlist above unless you want to feel like an enabling collaborationist in what is essentially an international real-estate scam that feeds off of ethnic cleansing. Which you are.

Histor’s Eye


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