Mortgaging Your Life

In responce to a post on recent apparent ThierSpace deletions in light of the July 17th Executive Order, i popped off with the following Standard Cj Advice To Young Activists:

The question you should ask yourselves is: Am i here on ThierSpace to network with like-minded folks or to have a presence within the general community? I’m here for the later; it’s why i came here to begin with. I will stay here, saying the things i do, posting videos and using ThierSpace hosting for media that reflect my dissenting view. I have a SiteSpace, too, which will serve little actual purpose since it appears to be set up for those of dissenting tendency (BTW, that in and of itself puts up a flag in my head, as RCP was set up to do the same in R/L, like a molassas-drenched oilcloth in a windowsill. One catches a lot of flies with honey). Although i dearly love all of you long-timers here on the Truthy™ end of the InterW3rbTubez, i personally would not use ANY site for actual networking within the context of physically resisting fascism. A Rule Of 5 cell organisation is impossible to manage using telecom wires, and the most dedicated, rational and well-connected rebel in Ithica is going to do very little to aid me and mine in Detroit. I look no further than those i can reach out and bitch-slap if neccessary to form an action cadre. Trust No One.
That said, we will never affect change by removing our voices from the gestault in a fultile effort to belatedly safeguard the myth of anonanymity. Remaining a voice in the city calling for reason may encourage others to drop from the gathering mob and begin the cascade failure of the collective illusion needed to bring about a full awakening of middle America. Running to the “safe haven” in the country removes your influence and places you in the Gulag you created for yourselves by doing Thier number one job for them: Divide.

I say this from behind multiple firewalls, BTW. Proxies, kids. Love them. Go get Reporters Without Borders’ guide to blogging in a hotzone. You may soon need it.

It should be noted that the above didn’t post. Maybe it’s merely awaiting CD’s moderation. Maybe it was a script jam; ThierSpace scripts do have a life of their own, guys. They can be capricious little parsers sometimes some.

Maybe not.

Handbook for bloggers and cyber-dissidents

If one accepts the fact that one becomes a target by being critical and standing against tyranny, and one accepts the fact of tyranny’s self-identifying definition, than one should be pro-actively armoured to the extent possible and find one’s peace with the silence lurking in the margin between potential threats and the sound of splintering wood and approaching jackboots.

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