Don’t Talk, Watch. Don’t Film, Either.

En Primus; the viral pre-release from the boyz at Williams Street. 5 days until the 2-disc set! Piracy as commercial is NOT The Selective Source Opening Process.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film For Theatres

Or is it? Hard to say, being as the consumer recieves free media in either case. Here’s a little social engineering and guerilla viral PR primer from the movie’s rollout. Marketing and meme-vectoring peepz might wanna rip this whole playlist for study, being as it was successful in garnering not only buzz and viral passage but took national primetime chips in as well. For next to nothing.


Good thing they’re animators and not New York filmographers or reporters. The following is the story you should be angry about not hearing nearly enough of.

Bloomberg’s Wild Ride

Viva Fascismo. That sound you hear is the other shoe dropping. Time’s up, pencils down.


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