On Being Polite To Men Who Beat Little Girls.

Torn from today’s ticker:


Fort Pierce Police Chief Sean Baldwin says he believes his officer used the appropriate force when he punched the teenager and then used pepper spray.

Why don’t you give Sean Baldwin a call and let him know what you think…

Non-Emergency Phone: 772-465-5770

Send Him an E-mail to: sbaldwin@fppd.org
Fort Pierce Mayor, Robert Benton: 772-461-2200 Ext: 301

~~~/ extract~~~

I opted for a rather diplomatic and formal request for disclosure via email.

To:Chief Sean Baldwin:

Subject:Shelwanda Riley

Chief Baldwin:

I was told it was one of your officers that i was watching pepper spray a child with whom he was toying in a video on YouTube. Before i make any untoward remarks, i would like to make sure that on the night of October the 14th 2007 a member of your command was involved in the detention/child abuse of Shelwanda Riley, 15.

Citizen j in 2008!!

~~~/ bootlicking~~~~

The Browns: Taxation Without Representation

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Dissenting Amerikkka’s tax-evading Nor’Easterners, the Browns, finnally get caught with no bloodshed after months of fire-bombless cat and mouse with US Marshalls sent by the Treasury on behalf of the IRS. See, it’s good to be rich.

Guess what would happen to you and i should we be so brash?

Probably the same thing. We’re all White here, right?

Lethal Skillz, Dj

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Straight Outta Beruit. Pretty blanched.

Bring The Rock

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