Neue Wintertides’ Ordines

First, allow me to make some random UTubers give a holiday shout-out to one and all. They don’t really have anything to do with the campaign in specific, and thier rallying point is a known Chomskivik, but they do serve Democracy; and for this i love.

A Holiday Message From The Batman Clique

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For those with more traditional taste in protest guitar, here’s an old pro offering some gift advice.

Roy Zimmerman

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Speaking of military toys,this showed up in my box, indicating it was an AF 35. Guess we’re buying it for the next Blitzkreig. Who knew.

Happy Rebuilding, or Whatever You Peasants Do

From The USAF And It’s Creditors

Taking it down a bit now; Here’s the Raging Grannies and friends holding their annual Wake for Gaia.

Funeral For Earth

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Here’s a Confusionist approach to Holidaze during wartime. I’m told Dada can stop the War.

Confusionism ReMystificashinalizated

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Then there’s that whole Falluja thing again.

Renting: It’s A War Thang, Baby

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Too real? Hey, have yourself a heaping helping of The Grand Unified Conspiracy Theory. Up to 86 episodes now; get some now while it’s still cool.

Oh, and consider this my gift to you regulars: My official WinterTides podcast/blog will probably be a massive mashup of music and media that boils down to a rape joke.

No, it’s not a funny one. There isn’t a funny one.

The AntiChrist Dajjal will be a Reptilian ShapeShifter

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