Formost, i guess it’s once again up to th’ Blond One™ to reveal testifications regarding the nexus of Black Identity in Amerikkkha and Sri Doktor Mumia Abu Jamal. I have news of the backhanded variety to impart; for Mumia has been removed from the final mile of Death Row with a sentance commuted to life with no parole, unless a retrial legitimizes mortal coil shuffling. No doubt the recent UN World Tour Against Death Penalties played a tiny hand in this sham mercy and obfuscation of injustice; we might be a torture state, but we don’t kill ALL of the articulate dissenting voices. We’re kinder, gentler silencers and jailers.
So Mumia will rot in an even less visible cellblock indefinately, probably still under 23 hour a day isolation; maybe in general population but it seems as if They™ like to keep his Marxist ass alone.

That, kids, is known as Total Individual Enclosure. It isn’t as profitable as the less micromanaged enclosure of gentrification, but is sometimes required to keep sleepwalking peasants in easily mutable states.

Speaking of incensed cadres of spanner-throwing prolitarians, the EKG has chosen me as release point for thier latest micro-liberationism: Safari Update for Mac (Leo and Tiger) without registration.


Some people don’t like being milked for personal info in exchange for allegedly free software.

Not that the EKG is especially concerned with staying below radar; it just pisses them off when corporations are rude.

Hey, let’s slack off on this last weekday of March 2008 and sing along with the Void, ‘K?

Paranoia Agent (ep 6)

“Hold your dreams inside of your heart,
Quell your depression.
Stretch your legs out towards tomorrow,
Don’t worry about things like tidal waves.”

More video forthcoming this evening, regardless of misrouted nukes or Chinese chemtrails. I swear to Sri Durga’s bindi i will explain Enclosure to allzy’all before Our Final MayDay.


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