Elephant Enclosure

Enclosure is most often glaringly apparent in agriculture, where it springs at the individual and community alike; it’s hydrae-headed avarice greedily puncturing all targets on any level with amazingly audacious lethality.

The World According to Monsanto

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I quoth my ThierTubeSelf’s sidebar:

“Enclosure of all things food by the transnational agrichem Combine.

Hey EduTainers! noticed some people spreading this around, good good, way it should be. Just letting one and all know that the full, intact and higher rez version is still up at Google:

http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-842180934463681887& amp;hl=en

…Just FYI, to help you help others help themselves to understand why The Combine sux. Like (ideally) these folks have/are:





and the mysterious:


Thanks, and have a pleasant tomorrow as well as a Happy, nontoxic, OpenSource Spring Sowing.”

Permaculture is Thee Way out of the Samsaric cycle of Enclosure and Eternal Redevelopment. Definitional, really. Do it right, instead of ad nauseum.

FI: Permaculturae Practicalii

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There would still be the matter of the Enclosure of your Labor as sublimated surplus.

That’s OUR Surplus, Slicke!

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I can think of no better current worst-case example of Enclosure than Palestine with it’s Wall of Hate.

Blame Canada

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Although there are more poignant non-human examples of curtailed freedoms and shrunken Commons pressuring a population into slavery and genocide.

The Thai Elephant Orchestra

Dave Soldier, Elephant Sonic Perpetuator

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There’s no time like now to make a free-floating noise.

Mssss Apri’

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2 responses to “Elephant Enclosure

  1. Excellent exposure of these issues.

    Thank you for the pingback.

  2. My pleasure, Josh. Hey, looky folks; a REAL comment. I was starting to think it was just me and Ruski phisherz in the cloud of GoogleBots that is my interw3rbz.

    (They™ finnally got me cold, copyright violator that i am, with this little honeypot of an infovid. stay tuned for a very timely report on the Future of MemeWar.)

    http://www.dissolvism.com/ is getting bloggrolled here, BTW. We reward courtesy and wit here in the Campaign At The End Of Democracy, and the above comment earned it’s poster Eternal Commendation. You (yes, YOU, gentle Reader) could also reap the benifits of permalink association with an internationally monitored Ememy Of All Things Property! Come, join us now in fields of Azure!
    Out Here beyond the perenium there are no Starz!
    Out Here we is Stoned!

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