Insufficient Fun For Late Withdrawal

L0lZ @ Repeating His Story.

Satanic Reverses

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Turn The Corner

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Why I am voting for Mike Gravel.

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Texas is the reason

“Presidential candidates Barack Obama and John McCain will have their names on the ballot when election season rolls around in Texas.
The Texas Supreme Court denied a petition filed by Libertarian presidential candidate Bob Barr and the Libertarian Party of Texas to remove the Democratic and Republican presidential nominees from the ballot because of their respective parties? failure to file with the state by Aug. 26. Without going into specifics, the Texas Supreme Court?s Web site said the court has denied the petition.
Earlier this month, the Libertarians waged a battle to enforce an Aug. 26 deadline in Texas, which requires all parties to certify their nominees with the state by that date.”

“Oh, it’s all so new and complex, this Global economy.”

Investopedia’s profile of the South Seas Bubble.
Also, SW0MI found a loophole for ganking “crashes.pdf”, a great example of specious economic history.

“Crashes: The South Sea Bubble
When: 1711

Where: United Kingdom

The amount the market declined from peak to bottom: Stocks in the South Sea Company were traded for 1,000 British pounds (unadjusted for inflation) and then were reduced to nothing by the later half of 1720. A massive amount of money was lost.

Synopsis: In the 1700s, the British empire was the big dog on the block, and that particular block spanned the entire globe. For the British, the eighteenth century was a time of prosperity and opulence, meaning a large section of the population had money to invest and were looking for places to put their money. So, the South Sea Company had no problem attracting investors when, with an IOU to the government worth £10,000,000.00, the company purchased the “rights” to all trade in the South Seas.”


Erasmus University School of Economics has a nice graph of the SSB.
It’s important to note the name of “John Law” in the tales of hedge-fund holding companies that distologize the South Seas Bubble.

David Cody, Associate Professor of English, Hartwick College spins political on the subject.
Bloody Tories. I hear ya, Davy.

Here’s the noble bastards of the Rockefeller/Kissinger cabal at the Brookings Institution on The Teapot Dome Scandal.

The US Senate recalls its investigation of the Dome.

L0lz, etc. Ima go watch th’ “debates”. BRB.

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