Sixty Second SuperFog With Thee Vapors

60 Second SuperFog – Thee Vapors


One of my favorite tracks from the New Clear Days LP, “60 Second Intervals”. Footage is from January 19th 2009, the midpoint in a 7-day superfog event that made me wish i hadn’t walked around in it. Dedicated to our lampreys-with-tenure in the MilitardInDUHstrophy Simplex with love and thanks for the help with the weather. Fucking retards, can’t you douchebags even seed clouds right anymore? Fucking ‘eh; that’s 2nd year shit. Hit the books and call back AFTER you pass the GSCESATs, ‘k?


US Forestry Service on SuperFog:

US EPA on ozone, just fer giggles:

“…the second of three papers on fog/smoke superfog accepted for publication in Journal of Applied Meteorology. This paper explains how superfog forms.”

SuperFog™_1 is a pesticide made from Naphta and Pyrethrin II; MSDS:

SuperFog™_2 is a humidifier system for herpe’s [reptiles]:

Ergo; hence, i postulate thusly:

¡¡¡OH N03Z They™ R TerrorFormzing Erth 4 teh Lizard Peepolz!!!!11!

SuperFog, Gravity Waves, And Everything


[username] anutarasamyat says: “What looks like a huge shadow from some object parked between the sun and North America today. As well it’s the end of day seven in the choking inversion layer in Vancouver. This superfog has caused nausea in me as well as a very strong sedative effect. I haven’t posted for a while because I can’t seem to do anything that requires concentration. This has got to be the worst quality video I’ve ever made but I thought it important enough to ask others what they think of this shadow and if they live in Vancouver what their health has been like in the last week.”

We’re enjoying the same fog here in Seattle, and so is Northern Europe.

Welcome to the Terrordome™ of Change™.

Justice Street

Justice Street

Happiest street in the world.

An Al10t1s Joyn’t.




Endgame Premises 


dnHooligan  AdamHintz


Please read this article, first:



The definition of civilization (to keep it simple) is city-building. The definition of a city is any place with a population high enough to REQUIRE the importation of resources.


ENDGAME Premises by Derrick Jensen

overview part one…

overview part two…


The Economic Hit-Man

This article sets up the next video

Raping Indonesia

and Indonesians


National Geographic video (with a 30 second commercial)…

In Africa

and in Iraq

The Causes of Rainforest Destruction

Michael Parenti “Myth of UnderDevelopment:

One Example


All you need to do, to prove this one, is search for politicians committing crimes, or look for any of the many cases of police brutality. Why don’t they pay the same price as any other common citizen?


cop beats man (nothing happens)

man beats wife (nothing happens)

wife beats kid (nothing happens)

kid beats dog (nothing happens)


What happens if the violence flows up?


dog bites kid (put to sleep)

kid hits mom (shock/horror)

wife hits man (shock/horror)

man hits cop (killed/severe penalty)



Igniting a Revolution (part one)

Igniting a Revolution (part two)

Standard Deviation

Fuck Scott McInnis

Please read this article:


Story of Stuff

The Corporation (part one)…

The Corporation (part two)…


soil depletion




ocean depletion




in order to survive, you NEED:





Albert Bartlett

Arithmetic, Population, Energy (exponential growth) 1/8










Although there will clearly some day be far fewer humans than there are at present, there are many ways this reduction in population could occur (or be achieved, depending on the passivity or activity with which we choose to approach this transformation). Some of these ways would be characterized by extreme violence and privation: nuclear armageddon, for example, would reduce both population and consumption, yet do so horrifically; the same would be true for a continuation of overshoot, followed by crash. Other ways could be characterized by less violence. Given the current levels of violence by this culture against both humans and the natural world, however, its not possible to speak of reductions in population and consumption that do not involve violence and privation, not because the reductions themselves would necessarily involve violence, but because violence and privation have become the default. Yet some ways of reducing population and consumption, while still violent, would consist of decreasing the current levels of violence required, and caused by, the (often forced) movement of resources from the poor to the rich, and would of course be marked by a reduction in current violence against the natural world. Personally and collectively we may be able to both reduce the amount and soften the character of violence that occurs during this ongoing and perhaps longterm shift. Or we may not. But this much is certain: if we do not approach it actively—if we do not talk about our predicament and what we are going to do about it—the violence will almost undoubtedly be far more severe, the privation more extreme.


The wiki article: (sorry)

Wake up, people.


“Die Off”

think about it

high estimate

World Population






Population doubled:

10,000bc-5,000bc (5000yrs)

5,000bc-3,000bc (2000yrs)

3,000bc-1,400bc (1600yrs)

1,400bc-bc-0-ad (1400yrs)

bc-0-ad-1,200ad (1200yrs)

1,200ad-1,700ad (*500yrs)

1,700ad-1,900ad (*200yrs)

1,900ad-1,960ad (**60yrs)

1,960ad-1,996ad (**36yrs)


Do you see a f*cking problem, here?
























there are more articles of proof, but i can’t think of any more words that mean crazy.


Civilization: Some restrictions apply…

Modern-Day Slavery

zzz33333 did pretty much ALL the work, for this video.


Garcia (Stealing A Nation)…



Barter IS Better…



Honesty from professional liars


The first 2 chapters of this are pretty irrelevant….

The indirect owners of the world


These families OWN the very idea of money. (the delusion that keeps you in slavery)

-Rothschild (London, Berlin)

-Lazard Brothers (Paris)

-Israel Moses Sieff (Italy)

-Warburg (Hamburg, Amsterdam)

-Kuhn Loeb (New York)

-Lehman Brothers (New York)

-Goldman Sachs (New York)

-Rockefeller Chase Manhattan (New York)


Money Masters


Money As Debt


Fiat Empire

Riot police in Serbia:

Riot police in Egypt:

Riot police in USA:

Riot police in South Korea:

Riot police (military) in Burma:

Riot police in Poland:


Riot police in Denmark:


The Hole


gary is a perfect example of what this culture produces


“Ideas are bulletproof”


Tank Man

Save Yourself (cochise by audioslave)

Show Me How To Live (also audioslave)


Broken Rainbow (1/7)

Broken Rainbow (2/7)

Broken Rainbow (3/7)

Broken Rainbow (4/7)

Broken Rainbow (5/7)

Broken Rainbow (6/7)

Broken Rainbow (7/7)




hummingbird and the Forest Fire

Hemp Biofuel

Willie Nelson’s site…


The Hemp Museum, on Energy


Premise Twenty: Within this culture, economics—not community well-being, not morals, not ethics, not justice, not life itself—drives social decisions.


Modification of Premise Twenty: Social decisions are determined primarily (and often exclusively) on the basis of whether these decisions will increase the monetary fortunes of the decision-makers and those they serve.


Re-modification of Premise Twenty: Social decisions are determined primarily (and often exclusively) on the basis of whether these decisions will increase the power of the decision-makers and those they serve.


ReRe-modification of Premise Twenty: Social decisions are founded primarily (and often exclusively) on the almost entirely unexamined belief that the decision-makers and those they serve are entitled to magnify their power and/or financial fortunes at the expense of those below.



ReReRe-modification of Premise Twenty: If you dig to the heart of it—if there were any heart left—you would find that social decisions are determined primarily on the basis of how well these decisions serve the ends of controlling or destroying wild nature.











(My) Sails Of Charon(a)

¡Humpy SnowtimeSolsticeZ, allzy’all JewDreoX’slamics and PonyPaganz! Nuthin’ but love for the blessings of yer alleged cultures and the beautiful folks who have carried them to this nexus of History and My Foot Broken Off In Your Collective Fistula-Holes.

“The Sails of Charon” is the first song on the second side of German Jesus-N-Sex-Metal band Scorpions’ 1977 album “Taken By Force”, whose cover was much more banable than that of it’s follow up “Virgin Killer”.

Charon should not be confused with Chiron, my neighbors down the street in Paul Allen’s BioTech Alley.

• Suspected East Bay bomber to be featured on America’s Most Wanted
• – 2007-08-30
• Daniel Andreas San Diego, an animal-rights activist and federal fugitive wanted in connection with two East Bay bombings in 2003, will be featured again this weekend on Fox Network’s “America’s Most Wanted.” San Diego’s case first was aired on the television program in March 2004, and again in…
• Novartis Delivers Dynamic Sales and Earnings Growth in the First Nine Months of 2006, Reaffirms Outlook for Record Full-Year Results
• – 2006-10-19
• — Group continues double-digit expansion — Nine-month net sales up 14% (+15% lc) to USD 27.0 billion on strong underlying growth and acquisition-related contributions — Operating income rises 17%, supported by all divisions…
• Former Chiron Exec Joins APT Pharmaceuticals as CEO
• – 2006-09-06
• FOSTER CITY, Calif. — APT Pharmaceuticals Inc. ( has named the former chief medical officer of Chiron BioPharmaceuticals, Stephen G. Dilly, M.B.B.S., Ph.D., as chief executive officer.
• Research and Markets: A Fourth Division for Novartis under the Title Vaccines & Diagnostics, Will Be Created After the Acquisition of Chiron Corporation
• – 2006-09-01
• DUBLIN, Ireland — Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of Espicom Business Intelligence’s Novartis Prospects to 2010 to their offering.

Chiron modestly named themelves after the Centaur Titan and uberteacher of medicine and true civility.

“Deep-thinking Chiron is the civilized Centaur who trained several famous disciples, being known for his wisdom and justice. Chiron, who was not a drunkard like other CENTAURS, never used his weapons against a man. Instead he spent his Old Age learning about herbs, and teaching to play the lyre to his pupils.”

The Scorp’s are referencing Charon, tho.

“Charon or Kharon (Greek Χάρων) was the ferryman of Hades who carried souls of the newly deceased across the river that divided the world of the living from the world of the dead. A coin to pay Charon for passage, usually an obolus or danake, was sometimes placed on or in the mouth of a dead person. Some authors say that those who could not pay the fee, or those whose bodies were left unburied, had to wander the shores for one hundred years. In the catabasis mytheme, heroes — such as Heracles, Orpheus, Aeneas, Dionysus and Psyche — journey to the underworld and return, still alive, conveyed by the boat of Charon. No ancient source provides a genealogy for the ferryman.”

Yeah, yeah. Except that the Etrusruskis lifted their whole Underworld from The Epic Of Gilgamesh, which has no Gods but does have Charon. He exists on the other side of the Ocean Styxx, and will gladly explain that as far as he knows of psuedo-immortals there’s just him in the grey fade-out place of Hades (where he acts as an information Kiosk) and Leviathan in the dark waters between the worlds. There are no Gods, and only the Tree of Life holds true immortality. Gilgamesh is given this tree to take back, which the Neolithic Prime Elemental Now Known as C’thulu steals mid-trip, making Him Immortal and Gilga’ bitter. Bitterer, as he was all boo-why in the first place over some boy.

Gilgamesh returned to spawn Civilization™, i guess because he was a tiny-pricked whiner who wanted everything as miserable as possible.

Dare to Dream, Summerian Globalist Giligan. Way to deforest Mesopotamia. We remember you, all right. What better fag to use as Epic Hero Archetype™ than an unrequited Bottom who loses the fucking TREE OF LIFE to a fish?

Western Civilization is like L’Cage Aux Follies in an unending expanding loop with all the funny parts replaced by active death squads and syphalitic rape gangs that rove the audience.

Former planet Pluto’s binary/moon is named after the Ferryman.

[i thimk Sri Levi’th’n had Lovecraft weave the mythos of his name-changing to distance Himself from the Hobbesian associations that his good moniker had suffered. He’s a good-hearted SquidDreamFishie, unlike the soul-sucking Combine Hobbes thought was so perfect a belly to wallow in.]

Uncontrollable Mountain Hop

Yeah yeah oooo-ee-oooo yeah yeah yeah yeah!

St. Austin And The B’hRoc (0oD_3.16)

“To wrestle with monsters is to become monster.” -Shaka’s 3rd N’tz’ian Relation

“That which Kills me makes the rest of this nonsense irrelevant.” -Ms K’s Expanse of Folderol

“When you see the 0bamination of De-Soillation take a longer vacation.” -SmokinOkie’s Concordance To Austin 3:16

“What?” -N35T