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“The thing about regret is that it’s better to regret something you have done than something you haven’t.” -Gibby

Shi’ite Persian Props

I will never regret running the above playlist as much as i do. It’s important to attempt to educate peeps as to the very real differences between places the US/UK/Dutch imperium run game and the places they can’t. Persia is in the later catagory. For a very brief time it was under UK/Haj control, ending with a hot-potatoe pass to the US, who quickly ended thier democracy with imposed rule by the Shah.

This did not stand, and will not be allowed to occure again in this millenium. The Islamic Republic of Iran is a first-world superpower, one that successfully repelled 10 years of US-UK backed agression by our thugocratic ally Sadaam. Chemical weapons made by Dutch subsidiaries of Dow-Corning were funnelled to the front lines via Israeli arms merchants, and Iranian guardsmen died by the hundreds on thier own border under clouds of mustard gas. They came back with cameras and gasmasks. In the end, sheer guts and Kolenshikovs won out AGAIN over duplicity, war crimes and misfiring high-tech weapons with US serial numbers. Millions were killed.

Millions, people. That’s a magnitude of scaling that you need to keep in your head when considering a possible invasion of Iran. You need to cross-reference it with thier Russian cooperative projects, and realize that this is the re-establishment of an old arraingment that kept the Caspian dynamically self-contained during epochs of external turmoil. It’s called mutually benificial trade partnership and defence. The missile systems of the Russian Federation are 21st century refinements of those the Soviets had, which contrary to popular myth were capable of neutralizing any US attack. No, we don’t have saucer technology, kids. Know why?

Because flying saucers from alien civilizations have never come to planet Terra.

This is because they don’t exist. Oh, don’t get me wrong. People have created them, and there very well may be mag-lev flying saucers in hangers at Roswell, but you should try to operate a hovercraft prior to thinking about possible mag-lev saucer action. Traction and drag are much more desirable than one would initially think. So, since that’s out, and the Iranian satelite net is up, and our Stealth fleet is a black hole for research money and can be shot out of the sky by Serbs, and even Her Majerstray’s Wave-Rulers stop waiving the rules just this side of Iranian territorial waters, what chance do you see our battered and broke military having with a unilateral Blitzkreig on Tehran?

Knotty, Knotty.

None. The real stumbling block is the Chinese, of course, who have given thier one warning on the subject. Nukes are a no-go against nations bordering the OG superpower and worldwide gunpowder monopoly cartel headquarters, the People’s Republic of China.

The Convolutions of Trans-Atlantic Trigopsony Capital Illuminated Through Higher Geometry

Target: Syria. I hope i’m wrong, but this looks like a misdirect ahead of a false flag, and the next logical target has ALWAYS been Syria. Israel wants it. Lebanon half-wants it. The Arab world has always wanted it; Syria is the original Semetic nation-state. Jordan just wants the rest of the middle east to STFU, maybe flood? Iraq wants to die in peace, maybe flood. Palestine wants to eat, maybe flood, exist some. Britain has what they wanted; all the oil and none of the security detail, as well as access to the Alaskan fields and proper semi-centenial draining of the US Colonies’ Imaginary Treasury Reserves via the auspicious perenial perniciousness of Lord Halifax’s Chartered Privateering Company.
The real question is: what do WE want?

Who are we, anyway?

One-Handalone ClaPlayer

Frenching The Japanese

Gungrave 1

Gungrave 2

Gungrave 3

Gungrave 4

GunGrave 05
Uploaded by olivierguedes

I wrote such a pompastalicious jism about Disney and Anime that the Scr1pt_G0ddess fully ate the post before i even knew i was out of line. I was WAY out too; i even compared GunGrave to that peice of shit Cistern Chapel.

Blandon Heat has been most insistant on the topic of the Popular Vote.

Too bad DailyMotion’s iFrame players can’t be trusted…it looks way nicer with the full French Push.

What doesn’t, though?

BTW, i don’t speak French, although i’m starting to see what Japanese means to French speakers. I wouldn’t call that understanding either, though. I’ll get my English subs up soonish, mayhap.

Here’s a playlist you can’t hear without clicking below.
Tunez For T00nz, From T00nz

Moon’s Milk

�Jai Maa Jai!
Happy first full moon of the lunar year.
Since i don’t have an MP3 of Coil’s “Ostia” up,
please play this mantra by God:

God – On All Fours

OSTIA (The Death Of Pasolini)

“There’s honey in the hollow
and the contours of the body
sticky yellow trickle
sickly golden ribbon
a gold and sticky

“Yea; i will make you dead fishers of men…”

“You can hear the bones humming
singing like a puncture.
like a puncture.

And the car reverses over
the body in the basin
in the shallow sea-plain basin.”

Martha Washington School For (Killing) Delinquent Girls Park

“You can hear the bones humming
you can hear the bones humming.

So throw his bones over
the white cliffs of Dover
and into the sea
the Sea of Rome
and the blood stained coast
of Ostia.”

Millions Of Dead (Iraqui) Cops

“Leon like the Lion
sleeping in the sunshine
Lion lies down
Lion lies down.

Killed to keep the world turning
Killed to keep the world turning
Killed to keep the world

US Oil policy in the Niger Delta

“And the car reverses over
and the body rolls over
crushed through the shoulder.

So throw his bones over
The white cliffs of Dover
and into the sea
The Sea of Rome
and the blood stained coast
of Ostia.”

The Little Ghost Boy Who Lost His Ballance

“And murder me
in Ostia.”