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Hunter, Hunted

In spasmodilicious sycronistic sympathy with words from the Speedway, i was placed in charge of this collection Sri Gonzo related video codes.

1 – 6 = Breakfast with Hunter

7 = Fear and Loathing in Gonzovision

8 – 13 = Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

14 = Where the Buffalo Roam

Dissapearering, Redux Again

Last week i reposted a vid from Maphia, a DM channel i watch ostensibly posted by a Cuban, from Matanzas. The boy had a propensity for parlais’ing the Palestinian Problem into some specious NWO space and definately pushed the Anti-Zionist envelope to the brink of Anti-Semitism, but seemed all-in-all as reliable an alternative source for news of the Occupied Terror-torries as one can get (not to diss Mosaic).

He (we’ll go ahead and imbue this “Cuban” node with personification in the male, ‘k?) is now gone, as are 100+ videos of the IDF in action.

2002 Israel Kills Palestinian Hawarjeh
Uploaded by texarcana

One thing about the jack-booted SS of Zion, they’re not too camera shy. No paucity of footage in my broomcloset. Go ahead, fuckers. Kill every last journalist, whack every obvious fountain of media regurgitation that pops up. I dare you, you disorganised hordes of dank-browed toadies and Peter-Principle shitcasters, try it. You cunts are too sloppy. I bet ol’ Maphia was running outta Gitmo, working some angle, probably downloaded too much gay porn for his station and got canned. No Big Brother action, just a glitch. Or something.

Kombat Mortalé

Look, it’s the cute animals shot with a wide angle lens channel!

Why is Dancing With The Stars a topic of interest to my local newsanchors? Why do they share this with me?

FutureWar Now

Basta. w/e. Here’s some cartoons from 2-D33 T33-V33.

Capital Idea

A taciturn lecture offered as rejoinder in an ongoing dialogue i’m having with our BeltWay Insider. Our story thus far: i have posited that Capital runs the game, and that political movements are more wagging dog than they are bellwethers for change. Civil rights was proffered as an example of a popular movement that changed policy. I pointed out that the Civil War was fought to that end 100 years prior, and was rebuked by an intriguing rejoinder about the echoes of Abolitionism in the current abortion debate. We’ll come back to that. Firstly:

So basically, you are refuting the notion that capital interests rule the policy making process from the top down. Now, this isn’t just some hair-brained idea of mine, you know. This is, unfortunately, historical fact.

Let’s consider the Abolitionists and the Civil War some more.

The Abolitionist movement (along with early versions of the Temperance and Suffrage movements) grew out of Quaker/Shaker and Baptist churches, and although they were vociferous they were in fact outlawed in the South and only given lip service in the North after the Dred Scott descision struck a chord with folks who otherwise didn’t care.

Why did it strike a chord? Because it asserted property rights across state lines, a clear problem for states’ rights no matter how you slice it.

This is why it was made an issue. Federalism was not quite codified, and all sorts of concessions were being handed to locality as far as right of way and self-determination were concerned. Although the Federal Government had carefully plotted out territories for slave and free states (indicating it’s disregard for the issue) settlers had more than once “jumped claim” and lept upon the territory as if the bank wasn’t due payment.

This is one of the real issues: homesteaders got an allotment for a stipend, no more, and the territories were already determined. But the settlers would change rules at whim, the ingrates, as if self-determination were the founding principle of the country. Add to this the Southern Aristocracy’s marked difference of opinion on the matter of centrism/Federalism, and you have your issue. What drove the war ideologically was the need to resolve the power of the Federal Government as supreme, once and for all. What enabled it and caused the other shoe to drop was ENCLOSURE. Remember the Cotton Gin? This is a modification of the wool mill used in Britain. No big whoop, despite what you may have heard, and whitney went broke in the 1790’s without it really doing much. It was one of the loci of Northern industrial concentration, a process very much like Britain’s industrial “revolution.” This process requires agrarian aristocracy to migrate off of the land, so the land can be repurposed both in utility and in titlage, allowing the leverage of parcel valuation as Capital. Capital Aristocracy is of course the successor; a class of gentry whose wealth is the dictate by which they rule, separate from the land and it’s sullen marginless stasis. The Northern industrial elite already understood this, having direct capital ties to Europe, where the process had already spawned the Enclosures, with ensuing dislocation, famines, Dickensian factories, workhouses and mines and slums of the 17 – 1800’s.

Capital does make up the issues. Where else would anyone get the idea that “feeding Africa” is something that can be done from the outside, or indeed that Africa is starving in the first place? Is it famine or enclosure killing people in Darfur? In Ethiopia we hear of famine and draught; yet the largest lake in Africa sits at it’s heart, and this is a nation so old it dates to dynastic Egypt. It has irrigation; indeed it has quite a few resources, and is able to invade Somalia regularly. So why can’t the ethnic herders get water? Is it perhaps because they can’t pay for it?

Westerners are uninformed, naive somehow? I am here to tell you this is not true. We know exactly how evil we are, and we justify it by saying “better them than US” before “accidently” allowing warlords to usurp UNICEF monies. Those Suzuki jeeps don’t ship themselves over there from NYC impound lots, it’s strickly COD.

/ lecturette.

Extra credit: compare and contrast the states’ rights issues involved Slavery vs Abolitionism against those of Pro-Choice vs Pro-Life. Explain how the logical outcome of this wlll be determined by Capital.

Goto Cryptome, now.

You won’t be able to soon. That’s a bad thing.


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Open Letter To The Aether

My fellow Americans:

Dennis Kucinich stood alone yesterday as he delivered articles of
impeachment against vice-president Richard P Cheney. It is not
surprising that this may come as news to many, being as there has been
little to no coverage of this overdue and desperately required action.

Although action is of course encumbent to affect movement, we all know
the American citizen is incapable of this, so I merely encourage all
to at least reflect upon these dual facts.

Enjoy your last rays of imperial sunshine,
– C_j

Citizen j in 2008!!
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let’s get Cheney.

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Kucinich Delivering the Articles of Impeachment for Richard B Cheney!!

let the Post know where we stand: Behind Dennis Kucinich!


Congressional Tenure and Saint Lenny

Tro’ Da Bums Out!

Tenure Corrupts

America, stop fucking around.

Look, if you’re not going to own your vote in the presidential election, which you don’t seem to want to do, you’re going to have to attack the cycle of aristocratic carreerism that perpetuates the corrupt cronyism of American One-Two Party Politics™ at the Legislative level. The logic of term limits is undeniable. Allowing Federal legislators to pursue careers makes them into politicians instead of statesmen. It turns a civic duty into a mealticket. It provides a throne for dynastic ambition, and makes those who sit upon it more concerned with maintaining the position than actually doing their job, thus they use the power of the position to insure thier continued tenure. This paradoxically engenders both partisan polemics and centrist infidelity, as the career politicians seek to curry the favor of current idealogue pundits while maintaining a status-quo of overall inaction.

All of this would change if the prize of re-election was removed. Mandating limits of 1 term for Senators and 3 for Representatives would allow 6 years for the office holder to concentrate on doing the job they were elected to do while removing the means to perpetuate careerism.

It’s Common Sense.

Look at your “representatives”. They have betrayed all the popular interests that put them there, both Democrat and Republican. The war drags on, with no end in sight. The borders remain open, the immigration reform promised to the GOP is bogged down in endless committee. Carl Rove remains free to dance the Cabbage Patch at whim. Marriage is still open to interpretive legislation by individual states, and social security remains on the “to-do” list with the rest of the buerocratic bungles and unsorted piles of red tape that pass for government agencies. This “to-do” list will continue to grow, since it provides an endless source of talking points and strawman pillaries while justifying continued funding of commitees, study groups and programs purporting to be “solutions”.

New lamps for old, full of the same snake-oil that stunk up the place with obscuring clouds of black smoke to begin with.

Throw the bums out.

Sri Lenny