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Watching the Skys, Nets

Let’s not add to the rolling snowball of self-perpetuated insanity that has most recently gathered a hefty layer from The Decider’s proclaimations of sanction ag’in Shi’ite Persia.

Let’s instead look at what, perhaps, They™ would use such sabre-rattling clamor to obfuscate. Reports of true Kafkaesquisity in the ever-growing beurokrautik
double-blind farce of the WatchList, which a SlashDot post posits is most probably fueled by datamining. With recent NSA and telecom collusion coming into fine focus, one might argue that this is not so much a lame-duck Presidency as an infant totalitarian dictatorship we here in the US of A have allowed to bloom.

Not this Candidate.

Personally, i’ve always thought that the NSA had best be wiretapping and the FBI watchlisting and the CIA renditioning and such. I just would have thought these agencies more targetted and adroit at thier game, like they were during the CoIntelPro days. These days their nets are too big, too broad and ill-suited to the tasks. They aren’t going to catch any fishies like this, all they’re going to do is piss good people off. Or scare them.

This doesn’t make it any more palattable. It just makes us a bigger target, which we didn’t need help with. We’ve been, as the Latin Americans who survived our decades of death squads and dictators say, “pinche hue Gringos.” What’s the gain in this game Cheney and Company are running?

Follow the money. The “left” press is almost there; watch them pull back from it like a slug from salt. It’s right under your noses when you sniff at Fox news. It’s why we fight in Afganistan, Iraq, and every other Eastern Hemisphere theatre, it’s why you were so confused about the voracity with which the shut-down of Lyndon LaRouche was effected.

If you say “oil” i swear to Maa i’ll fucking reach through the tubes and smack your dumb asses. I done tol’ allz’y’all prior that the USA is not going to get oil from Iraq. That much is obvious, or should be, to anyone with access to the internet who cares enough to look into who owns the damn pipelines. However, follow those pipelines and they’ll lead you home.

If you care.

If not, look up. There’s a new star in the North Eastern skies.

“Dick Dick Dick Dick Dick Dick…”

I couldn’t embed this freshly Opened Source here, so i made a page for anyone interested in watching Frontline’s report on 3 decades of Dick Cheney’s good woks.

open “Cheney’s Law” movie in new window

“For three decades Vice President Dick Cheney conducted a secretive, behind-closed-doors campaign to give the president virtually unlimited wartime power. Finally, in the aftermath of 9/11, the Justice Department and the White House made a number of controversial legal decisions. Orchestrated by Cheney and his lawyer David Addington, the department interpreted executive power in an expansive and extraordinary way, granting President George W. Bush the power to detain, interrogate, torture, wiretap and spy — without congressional approval or judicial review.” Read more »

DIY Impeachment – The Republic’s Last Resort

“…and it was like, bam! It hurt. Like a virgin.”

Pounding Sand

Soundtracking In A New World Window by Outkast
Fair Friday morning t’ ye’all, fellow Citizen Workers. I spent a little time last night between night tremors updating the Operation: Enduring GangRape Player. I even threw in a very touching vid from a soldier of his buddy playing football with some kids in Tukrit (or some backlot in LA, can’t recall which). I felt it provided a good countertensioning between the videos on women prisoner treatment and the friendly fire POV snuff. The new opener is “Guernica In Iraq”, an AMV from the WarFan communitee.
Renting: It’s A War Thang, Baby


RE; FF POV: In all fairness to the US aviator(s) involved in the above archived incident in which a British convoy was introduced to The Lightening Round, the fault clearly lies with C&C. The guy asked his wingman to confirm, and then nagged him to double back on it, then re-confirmed twice with the tower. They twice (at least) erroneously reported no coalition activity or presence in the area, chiming in just after his second run. Sounds to me like he felt it coming and did his best to avoid it; the way he cracks when they describe the “yellow cabs” of the UK armour he had just vapourised smacks of deja vous.

Besides, this is BP’s war. Fuck the Redcoats. If they pulled more shifts in the air and drove like White Folks they wouldn’t have to duck so much.

Lawyers, Guns and Money: Outlaws Don’t Need Lawyers

The Gary Webb Memorial IranContra Viewer

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Drugs. Guns. Money. US shadow networks have it all, but still thier souls cry out for meaning, and thier hearts hunger for love. 39 videos by the Producers of There’s Something About Shooting Mary In The Back Of The Head And Calling It A Suicide. Inspired by a plate of Dandelion Salad.

Renting: It’s A War Thang, Baby

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In the first of 85 videos, Queen Noor puts a comely visage on the ugliness American Might has worked into Iraq over 4 years. Things go south from there, hilarity resolutely fails to ensue.

Mortgaging Your Life

In responce to a post on recent apparent ThierSpace deletions in light of the July 17th Executive Order, i popped off with the following Standard Cj Advice To Young Activists:

The question you should ask yourselves is: Am i here on ThierSpace to network with like-minded folks or to have a presence within the general community? I’m here for the later; it’s why i came here to begin with. I will stay here, saying the things i do, posting videos and using ThierSpace hosting for media that reflect my dissenting view. I have a SiteSpace, too, which will serve little actual purpose since it appears to be set up for those of dissenting tendency (BTW, that in and of itself puts up a flag in my head, as RCP was set up to do the same in R/L, like a molassas-drenched oilcloth in a windowsill. One catches a lot of flies with honey). Although i dearly love all of you long-timers here on the Truthy™ end of the InterW3rbTubez, i personally would not use ANY site for actual networking within the context of physically resisting fascism. A Rule Of 5 cell organisation is impossible to manage using telecom wires, and the most dedicated, rational and well-connected rebel in Ithica is going to do very little to aid me and mine in Detroit. I look no further than those i can reach out and bitch-slap if neccessary to form an action cadre. Trust No One.
That said, we will never affect change by removing our voices from the gestault in a fultile effort to belatedly safeguard the myth of anonanymity. Remaining a voice in the city calling for reason may encourage others to drop from the gathering mob and begin the cascade failure of the collective illusion needed to bring about a full awakening of middle America. Running to the “safe haven” in the country removes your influence and places you in the Gulag you created for yourselves by doing Thier number one job for them: Divide.

I say this from behind multiple firewalls, BTW. Proxies, kids. Love them. Go get Reporters Without Borders’ guide to blogging in a hotzone. You may soon need it.

It should be noted that the above didn’t post. Maybe it’s merely awaiting CD’s moderation. Maybe it was a script jam; ThierSpace scripts do have a life of their own, guys. They can be capricious little parsers sometimes some.

Maybe not.

Handbook for bloggers and cyber-dissidents

If one accepts the fact that one becomes a target by being critical and standing against tyranny, and one accepts the fact of tyranny’s self-identifying definition, than one should be pro-actively armoured to the extent possible and find one’s peace with the silence lurking in the margin between potential threats and the sound of splintering wood and approaching jackboots.

Open Letter To The Aether

My fellow Americans:

Dennis Kucinich stood alone yesterday as he delivered articles of
impeachment against vice-president Richard P Cheney. It is not
surprising that this may come as news to many, being as there has been
little to no coverage of this overdue and desperately required action.

Although action is of course encumbent to affect movement, we all know
the American citizen is incapable of this, so I merely encourage all
to at least reflect upon these dual facts.

Enjoy your last rays of imperial sunshine,
– C_j

Citizen j in 2008!!
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Impeachy Keen!

Haliburton Stock Options & Exposed Intel Agents:
Intolerable Acts.

Six Articles of Impeachment for Richard B Cheney

(PDF – D/L)
Wil S. Hylton and GQ

N3st – Hill Dweller