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Pre-Post Singularity Primer: Tools That Kill

God – Body Horror

American Thanaphilia:

A dual presentation of martial tools and current US DeathCulture popism

intended for the edutainment of our CoOperative(s) in the World’s Largest Democracy™

Kunai with Slit-Skirt.

The flint hand-axe has been a favorite amongst tent-warming concubines for aeons, although many prefer a properly lethal ointment.

The business end of a poleaxe has a continuity of blade that celebrates simple ergonomic truths.

The 120cm reach of this poleaxe provides sufficient leverage and momentum to require bolstering the handle.

Clockwise from left: Gris-gris candle; machette; Insipid Pop Culture; Maha Deva Kali Maa (colour’d wrong, a choking hazard); 12 gauge shotgun, .38 and .50 calibre shells; Stealth Bomber; and golf ball.
The most lethal? The orange Molitor no.1.
Golf kills.

PopcultureVultures may want to take note that the oversize Marciano spread is from the 2004 rollout by Guess?, 24 pages of Paris at her GildedGutterSnipe best, shot by Ellen Von Unwerth (whose name really says it all), and is for sale.


Oil, Anbar, & US

Iraq: Mixing Blood & Oil

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Ghosts of Anbar

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Bill Hick’s Final Interview

Bill Hick’s Final Interview

A Bill Hicks player, with about 60 vids.

Reinventing Your Selfishness: Prophylogeneticity Cross-indicates pr0ntogenicity

God – On All Fours(btw, i recommend using th’ WordPress WebSnap widget here…it’s hillariously Junglistical.)

The Washington Post discovered that US backed militias do sometimes hang out with drug-cartel thugs, albiet only if said thugy drugies “infiltrate” aforementioned militias’ no-doubt labrynthian security and internal oversight commandcontrols. Which are probably the best a boy can learn to emulate at the School For The Americas, where No Child Gets Left Unraped Until Blind™.

So a couple bad apples made a couple coke deals. WTF. At least we don’t train them to torture nuns.

Or kill reporters.


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Thought i was gonna bust out the Gary Webb movies again, huh? Pwnt.

Hey, Cowboy Bob! Yeah, you, kid-cakes! Wanna buy a Hat?

It’s utility ’round here is over. Finished, done, gone, out. Somebody should claim it ‘afor’n ah give it to the freeballing UtiliKilt guy who lives up the hill. He’d wear it, too, and get away with it. W/e. Here’s the keeper part.

Kurt said (insomuch as this particular nonanimate Golem speaks; which is to say “C_j flipped a coin”) that the American Flag™ that he sat on for 4 (5?) years is up for the Patriot that can step up to claim both Flag and Hat. I think it’s a 48-star flag; hard to tell being as it’s folded proper. Hey, i was a trained civil servant once.

Ok, maybe not totally proper.

So, yeah. Still trying to sell our worlds over here.

I’ve multch’d more furniture than we’ve managed to sell or give away. W/e. Think today’s sale is going to be a Moving Moving Sale. Like a movable feast, yeah? Except the other people don’t know that we’re going to show up at thier door with a bunch of crap to sell (and leave lying around if no-one’s buying). I’ve already got a milkcrate full of random electoronics that Al Qu’aeDaffy would (allegedly) love to get a hol’t of and a intercom mic/aux/VO unit loaded on the TrundleRound™. Think i’ll pack on one each amp and tapedeck, maybe the conduit crate, and that fucking 10-column candleabra that keeps tripping me. Roll on down to Fremont, after cartoons of course. Leave it all in front of Lenin with a note that says “stoopid baby” under a large Prussian-pointing arrow.

It’s going to be a spectacular day, People. Forward along the Shining Path.

We have nothing to lose but our wallet chains.

The Gary Webb Memorial IranContra Viewer

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Oh, snap. Gotcha.

Labour Pleasures

Cognitive DeGaussing
The Thunder; Perfect Mind

Perceptive Polarization

Lawyers, Guns and Money: Outlaws Don’t Need Lawyers

The Gary Webb Memorial IranContra Viewer

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Drugs. Guns. Money. US shadow networks have it all, but still thier souls cry out for meaning, and thier hearts hunger for love. 39 videos by the Producers of There’s Something About Shooting Mary In The Back Of The Head And Calling It A Suicide. Inspired by a plate of Dandelion Salad.

Renting: It’s A War Thang, Baby

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In the first of 85 videos, Queen Noor puts a comely visage on the ugliness American Might has worked into Iraq over 4 years. Things go south from there, hilarity resolutely fails to ensue.

The Myth of Arab Oil

From the good ol’ USDOE:

Crude Oil Imports (Top 15 Countries)
(Thousand Barrels per Day)
Country Apr-07 Mar-07 YTD 2007 Apr-06 Jan – Apr 2006
CANADA 1,909 1,780 1,846 1,710 1,726
MEXICO 1,460 1,621 1,471 1,601 1,692
SAUDI ARABIA 1,458 1,216 1,358 1,582 1,413
VENEZUELA 1,182 1,036 1,070 1,171 1,190
NIGERIA 891 1,290 1,089 1,022 1,149
IRAQ 562 523 488 531 498
ALGERIA 530 501 495 256 235
ANGOLA 514 696 556 389 446
RUSSIA 269 193 137 0 19
BRAZIL 175 209 174 111 114
ECUADOR 159 191 200 312 289
CONGO (BRAZZAVILLE) 138 79 78 33 16
KUWAIT 126 288 187 225 139
UNITED KINGDOM 119 77 97 169 108
GABON 92 48 60 33 53

Total Imports of Petroleum (Top 15 Countries)
(Thousand Barrels per Day)
Country Apr-07 Mar-07 YTD 2007 Apr-06 Jan – Apr 2006
CANADA 2,475 2,305 2,424 2,238 2,266
MEXICO 1,572 1,749 1,601 1,750 1,805
SAUDI ARABIA 1,485 1,244 1,378 1,595 1,443
VENEZUELA 1,412 1,285 1,311 1,393 1,485
NIGERIA 948 1,346 1,135 1,098 1,211
ALGERIA 798 727 718 543 528
IRAQ 562 523 488 531 498
RUSSIA 547 455 400 218 239
ANGOLA 526 708 571 419 463
UNITED KINGDOM 386 292 285 315 252
VIRGIN ISLANDS 322 349 353 239 283
BRAZIL 246 234 222 169 167
NORWAY 198 164 150 206 205
KOREA, SOUTH 184 164 136 106 65
ECUADOR 159 191 202 319 295
Note: The data in the tables above exclude oil imports into the U.S. territories.

As one can clearly see, the bulk of our oil is imported from our neighbors in the Americas. So let’s all STFU about Arab oil cartels, or the reliance we have on Mid Eastern oil, or WTFE idiots believe about oil imports and wars.