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Initiative, Taking

note: i know i’ve mentioned this before, but here’s a nice FYI from Our Lady Democracy RE: the NIfD.


What is the National Initiative?

Not everyone is aware of the existence of the National Initiative for Democracy, which is an elaborate plan to institute a system of direct democracy in the U.S.A. It would be enacted in the form of a constitutional amendment made binding by a popular vote in which the majority of the nationwide electorate approves it. This bold and visionary plan to create a balance of power betweeen the people and the existing branches of government is largely the work of former senator and current presidential candidate Mike Gravel. Read the following article and follow the links to learn more about it. You can also register your vote right now for the National Initiative. When 50 million have done so, it becomes the law! Find out how. -Editor


The United States of America is not, in fact, a democracy. In a democracy, the people are the government. Today, we elect people to run the government for us. The people we elect do not, for the most part, run the country in the interest of the people, they run it in the interest of themselves. We are led to believe that we must put our trust in these people. We, the people, do not have the power to create laws in our interest. This leads to an extreme imbalance of power in the government versus the people.

To solve these problems and create a true balance of power, The Democracy Foundation has created a plan named the National Initiative for Democracy.

The powerful elites who control our government will self-servingly argue that the People are not qualified or do not know enough to be trusted to make laws. To counter those opposed to empowering the People, one needs only look to the record of the last 100 years in the 24 states where the People make laws by initiative. In those states the People have legislated responsibly, and many times more so than their elected representatives. Civil service, campaign finance reform, and women’s right to vote are but a few examples of the progressive legislation initiated by the People.

The experience of Switzerland is even more instructive. Switzerland, a poor, multi-ethnic, multi-lingual, hardscrabble country without natural resources, decided, 140 years ago, to adopt a constitution that brought the People into the operation of government as lawmakers. Even the acclaimed Alexis de Tocqueville had serious doubts that this Swiss experiment in direct democracy would work. The result is without precedent in human history; Switzerland has evolved into the most successfully governed and wealthiest nation in the world.

The National Initiative has been developed and refined over the past decade by former Senator Mike Gravel (D. Alaska, 1969 – 1981) and his colleagues. The Democracy Foundation, a nonprofit 501 c 3 organization, is sponsoring the National Initiative. Philadelphia II, a separate nonprofit organization, is conducting an election on National Initiative at, giving the people the opportunity to vote for and enact the National Initiative into law. Both are organizations are led by Senator Gravel.

The National Initiative is a legislative proposal that includes an amendment to the Constitution, the Democracy Amendment and a proposed federal statute, the Democracy Act. The Amendment 1) asserts the constituent sovereignty of the People to make laws, 2) outlaws monies in initiative elections not from natural persons, and 3) legalizes the self-enactment process of the Philadelphia II election.

The Act establishes deliberative legislative procedures for the People and creates an administrative agency (the Electoral Trust) to implement those procedures on behalf of the People, independent of representative governments.

With the National Initiative’s enactment, the American People will experience the responsibility of legislating and governing themselves directly, the benefits of which will bring about greater civic maturity. The National Initiative does not alter the existing structure of representative governments; however, it does add an additional check, the People, to our system of Checks and Balances. Bringing the People into the legislative operations of government sets up a working partnership with the People and their elected legislative representatives.

The election by Philadelphia II at overcomes the monopoly of representative government over the people and the failure of Congress to share its lawmaking powers with the People, who are already experienced as lawmakers in 24 states where they make laws by initiative, and everywhere, whenever people vote on bond issues.

The Philadelphia II election began on September 17, 2002 allowing people to the use of the Internet to vote on the National Initiative. The successful use of this ubiquitous technology now depends on supporters networking their friends, relatives, colleagues and organizations informing them that they can enact the National Initiative into law without the government by voting at:

The ideological foundation of the National Initiative rests on the belief that the constituent power of the People is sovereign and the American People can govern themselves as they see fit in pursuit of their happiness and the general welfare. George Washington put it best: The basis of our political systems is the right of the people to make and to alter their constitutions of government.

You can best equip yourself to help network your friends by investigating the subjects below and following their links (which are repeated in the left margin of the following pages) to learn more about:

The National Initiative For Democracy: A description of the National Initiative

The Democracy Amendment: Full text of the proposed amendment to the United States Constitution.

The Democracy Act: Full text of the proposed federal statute establishing procedures for the Legislature of the People.

Parrish Report: A more easily readable description of the National Initiative

Rationale: Why we need the National Initiative.

First Principles: The philosophical foundation of the National Initiative.

Partnership In Democracy: How the Legislature of the People, working in partnership with our elected legislators, overcomes the flaws of a purely representative democracy while retaining its benefits.

Constitutionality: The legal foundation of the National Initiative.

Action Plan: The plan of action to enact the National Initiative

Autonomy Begins In Public

I’m sure that things in this space appear a bit as if your Candidate thinks hisself the only populist left on the Left Coast; an exagerative self-agrandizement only inflamed by the fact that i’ve said as much outright. What can i say, this racket is hyperbolically inclined.

Let’s shine a light on the popularity of populism. I give Thee the Demokrazy Playa.


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Just in case you got sidetracked after that first vid, here’s the Autonomous Person’s Geezer Playlist.

Killing Joke

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It’s like this: if you want anything out of human society, you’re going to have to become a more democratic person. Sorry. If you leave it up to Them™ things are just going to get increasingly more lopsided. Individuals will have less power, meaning collectives of individuals (like churches, lodges, neighborhoods, trade unions, PTAs, etc) will accordingly have less power to pool. Political power is defined right now by leveraged contracts which are mostly brokered by Congress, and that’s where you have to strike. Think about this carefully. Supporting either Democrats or Republicans is counterproductive; it merely reifies bad behavior on their part, marginallizing our voices even more. As for Presidential races…c’mon. Do the fucking reading.

Decisions, decisions.

One Head – One Vote – One Choice
(visualise direct democracy)

The Truth™
is in
The Codes

Get Some, America!

Lawyers, Guns and Money: Outlaws Don’t Need Lawyers

The Gary Webb Memorial IranContra Viewer

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Drugs. Guns. Money. US shadow networks have it all, but still thier souls cry out for meaning, and thier hearts hunger for love. 39 videos by the Producers of There’s Something About Shooting Mary In The Back Of The Head And Calling It A Suicide. Inspired by a plate of Dandelion Salad.

Renting: It’s A War Thang, Baby

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In the first of 85 videos, Queen Noor puts a comely visage on the ugliness American Might has worked into Iraq over 4 years. Things go south from there, hilarity resolutely fails to ensue.

Open Letter To The Aether

My fellow Americans:

Dennis Kucinich stood alone yesterday as he delivered articles of
impeachment against vice-president Richard P Cheney. It is not
surprising that this may come as news to many, being as there has been
little to no coverage of this overdue and desperately required action.

Although action is of course encumbent to affect movement, we all know
the American citizen is incapable of this, so I merely encourage all
to at least reflect upon these dual facts.

Enjoy your last rays of imperial sunshine,
– C_j

Citizen j in 2008!!
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Congressional Tenure and Saint Lenny

Tro’ Da Bums Out!

Tenure Corrupts

America, stop fucking around.

Look, if you’re not going to own your vote in the presidential election, which you don’t seem to want to do, you’re going to have to attack the cycle of aristocratic carreerism that perpetuates the corrupt cronyism of American One-Two Party Politics™ at the Legislative level. The logic of term limits is undeniable. Allowing Federal legislators to pursue careers makes them into politicians instead of statesmen. It turns a civic duty into a mealticket. It provides a throne for dynastic ambition, and makes those who sit upon it more concerned with maintaining the position than actually doing their job, thus they use the power of the position to insure thier continued tenure. This paradoxically engenders both partisan polemics and centrist infidelity, as the career politicians seek to curry the favor of current idealogue pundits while maintaining a status-quo of overall inaction.

All of this would change if the prize of re-election was removed. Mandating limits of 1 term for Senators and 3 for Representatives would allow 6 years for the office holder to concentrate on doing the job they were elected to do while removing the means to perpetuate careerism.

It’s Common Sense.

Look at your “representatives”. They have betrayed all the popular interests that put them there, both Democrat and Republican. The war drags on, with no end in sight. The borders remain open, the immigration reform promised to the GOP is bogged down in endless committee. Carl Rove remains free to dance the Cabbage Patch at whim. Marriage is still open to interpretive legislation by individual states, and social security remains on the “to-do” list with the rest of the buerocratic bungles and unsorted piles of red tape that pass for government agencies. This “to-do” list will continue to grow, since it provides an endless source of talking points and strawman pillaries while justifying continued funding of commitees, study groups and programs purporting to be “solutions”.

New lamps for old, full of the same snake-oil that stunk up the place with obscuring clouds of black smoke to begin with.

Throw the bums out.

Sri Lenny


Now, i’m not the one to talk 9-11 Truth with, as anyone who’s read more than 2-3 entries should gather. I know who profitted from the Double Uglies falling, and it wasn’t Kaliph Shiek Mohammed, Gee Dub or Teh Barv4ri0n 1llumiNaziZ. The former most probably did have a hand in the planning and execution, since it was his life’s work to bring the WTC down. No-one else was even on the radar, really. Gee Dub does as his scripted to do, and that’s all about Cheney’s aging Plumber buddies and the transnational war profiteers they work for. 9-11 may have been aided and abbetted by these sick fucks, but they would have invaded Iraq anyway. It’s what they do.

Who made money on it? That’s your suspect. No-one stands to gain anything from such an act except developers and insurance benificiaries. Al Que Do’h was/is OUR intell and covert op network, built with our good buddy Saud’s people, and they gained nothing from the towers falling. They had no reason to do it, and thus it is ignorant at best of the Administration to blame them; but they ARE a dull lot.

Missing YouTuber Halifaxion would disagree strongly with me.

Halifaxion Memorial

The above playlist is full of pro-Truther 9-11 vids and anti-Halifaxion posts from the Chomsky crowd.

Personally i think they’re both retarded for falling for the oldest trick New York has: a slumlord’s arson blamed on foreigners.

(BTW, i had a much better rythmn to this rhymless rant on Blogspot; but da ‘Press doesn’t jive with my jukeboxes or embeds. Hence, y’all get the truncated version sans a whole bunch of neat NASA/ESU/JPL soundfiles and such. I now clumsily segue to the REAL conspiracy.)

We are Them™. You know this. You STILL consume crap made by corporations who heedlessly waste today’s resources for tomorrow’s margin call.

WTF is up with that?

Labor Value

W/E. I don’t drive, that’s all i can do here. Maybe some day (maybe soon, now that i have an uncomfortable amount of lesiure time) i’ll start sugaring your SUVs; but for now i mind my own eye-logs.

One thing we all should get motivated about is owning our governments in a mature, adult fashion. This will require non-partisan thinking, which comes easy if you ACTUALLY think about what these career politicians do to ensure thier dynasties, and how absolutely piss-poor the outcome ALWAYS is, has been, and will continue to be. It’s the result of cronyism, nepotism, and rhetorical polemic from a class of professional liars we allow to rule us, as if they have valid opinions or vision.

I’m most pleased to announce Nils’ video campaign, the next stage in the only REAL game in town.

Tro’ Da Bums Out!

Tenure Corrupts!

(Hey, i’d love it if you pussies were ready to wipe your asses and join me in a fight for direct democracy, but after a year and a half i understand that you’re too scared of yourselves to think about it. Ron Paul – your ass is still MINE, though. The rest of you should baby-step into electoral responsibility by implementing the ideas expressed above.)

Impeachy Keen!

Haliburton Stock Options & Exposed Intel Agents:
Intolerable Acts.

Six Articles of Impeachment for Richard B Cheney

(PDF – D/L)
Wil S. Hylton and GQ

N3st – Hill Dweller