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Open Letter To The Aether

My fellow Americans:

Dennis Kucinich stood alone yesterday as he delivered articles of
impeachment against vice-president Richard P Cheney. It is not
surprising that this may come as news to many, being as there has been
little to no coverage of this overdue and desperately required action.

Although action is of course encumbent to affect movement, we all know
the American citizen is incapable of this, so I merely encourage all
to at least reflect upon these dual facts.

Enjoy your last rays of imperial sunshine,
– C_j

Citizen j in 2008!!
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Impeachy Keen!

Haliburton Stock Options & Exposed Intel Agents:
Intolerable Acts.

Six Articles of Impeachment for Richard B Cheney

(PDF – D/L)
Wil S. Hylton and GQ

N3st – Hill Dweller

State Electoral Laws, Compend’d

What we have here is

The Only Online Compendium
of US State Laws Governing
Presidential Electoral Procedure.

That’s right.
We bad.

Transcript from a Dialog

Initial Missive

from Cj 08 Ca CM, JimCx

> > On 12/13/06, JimCx wrote:
> > > I live in the past & thusly sent this to dangpow by mistake or in
> > > error or something. Can’t I just live either 5 minutes or fifteen
> > > years in the past & not both?!?!?! Interbang this shit, bitch:
> > >
> > >
> > > a) the day is long & Leno is replaceable
> > > b) Mormon
> > > c) he is black
> > >
> > > C. The answer is c.
> > >
> > > I just started reading THE RIDICULOUS MAN or somesuch Dostoevnon-sense
> > > (I know what I’m doing! The hyphen, though improperly placed, makes
> > > people {a.k.a. ME!} accent this properly!!!!) and all it made me want
> to
> > > do is become entranced by the Matt Savage Trio on some of the last of
> > > the free airwaves, and then write you immediately…knowing that I
> > > should be bloggong this for, “some unknown reason”. I’ve never tried
> > > reading him (F.D.) before but, much like Hesse, it’s a relief to know
> > > that I’m not the only ridiculous man—that I’m not the only one
> > > watching these people that I’m one of—so helplessly…so angrily.
> > > I’ll always remember the downright suicidal magic carpet ride that
> > > Hesse’s Steppenwolf sent me reeling off on…only to drop that shit in
> > > exchange for Siddartha (sp?—at least you get the proper nouns
> > > correct!) or what I prefer to call Adult Work for Dummies™. This was
> > > during that emotionally—mentally tumultuous time after my daughter
> > > was born but before her mom had come to the realization that no amount
> > > of Mormonic tithing, pleading, cajoling or threats of brute force
> > > would make me marry her, under God, in the freshly carpeted gym of the
> > > CHURCH™ of Utah proper, over to the south s.j. side. Hey bro’s &
> > > Sissy Raes, I was born fairly recently, but not just last
> > > century–under aliens–when we were THAT close to the Cali shores.
> > > Slag your own Gods, fuckers, that’s YOUR job! This was the time in my
> > > life that I realized I had no God, and almost jointly, no fear of
> > > yours (y’alls) anymore. We seldom fully realise (O.E.???) the things
> > > that influence our futures as they’re happening. I rememeber
> > > Siddartha seeing what essentially amounted to the whores & their
> > > pimps, the shopkeepers & their reality (that whores & pimps were like
> > > butter on their bread) & the sun & its majestic & horrible penchant
> > > for bringing these things to light & he, “loathed them all”. I
> > > remember arriving at my momz’ house, knowing that my daughter was
> > > sitting right there & that her mother would arrive at any moment,
> > > fleeting my calendar time & ruining my “quality time” with Brianon.
> > > Like some wildman that Kerouac himself would be quick to deny himself
> > > as under similar bloodline-type circumstances, I quickly scanned back
> > > to the “loathsome” passage in Siddartha and spat it at them—with the
> > > Q.T.venom & vigor that I, to this day believe it warrants. Talk about
> > > a mother & child reunion, my bitches…you don’t even know… .
> > > Christ, Jacky, we’re literati amongst the illiterate, aren’t we? I
> > > already know that the ridiculous man didn’t commit suicide but, at
> > > this point, how much solace should that lend me? If I were to get
> > > said solace, I’d only piss it away on some meaningless drivel that is
> > > this message, wouldn’t I? Why can we almost always only find the
> > > heart to tell the world how It Is™ when we’re at the brink of madness
> > > & suicide?
> > >
> > > Essentially this is just a follow-up to my earlier,
> > > funny-as-fuck-to-Jack-Jim-&-Jeff but simple message:
> > >
> > > WTF?
> > >
> > > WTF? indeed, my friend…..what the fuck indeed.
> > >
> > >
> > > FINALLY!, truly, madly, deeply yours,
> > >
> > > JimCx

Insightful Rejoinder

from Citizen j, Constitutionalist Candidate for President, 2008

> On 12/13/06, Citizen j wrote:
> > Yeah? Well, i had my first threewack with a redhead and a
> > fucking-dirty-horney blond this weekend, and am not surprized to
> > report that it was all i ever wanted and none of what i needed. I
> > didn’t even nut. 3 hours and i didn’t even nut. That’s what patience
> > and learning control will get you. Fucking shit, but such fabulous and
> > unexepectedly perfect shit that you can’t say shit about it. I said,
> > “thanks, really, but you guys realize that i have nothing to shoot for
> > now, right? that this is IT for me?”
> >
> > Thjey said “yup.”
> >
> > So go tell it on the mountain, illiterati. Burn all books. Burn all.
> >
> > What The Fuck EVER, indeed.
> >
> > now what the hell is this second life thing? and why DON’T you write
> > this to the blog?
> >
> > Fucking fucketty shitballs, why do i even put pants on? Why? It
> > doesn’t increase odds of getting anybody on board the whole “Hey, we
> > could focus on a known issue and actually DO something about it” trip.
> > It just keeps me from having access to the most eloquently purposed
> > entity i know, MY FUCKING LIMP WHITE NUB.
> >
> > I’m killing all of you. I’ll make you eat your parents.
> >
> >
> >
> > Citizen j in 2008!!
> >
> >

Unflappable Bullshittery

from Cj 08 Ca CM, JimCx
always a user, sometimes useful

On 12/20/06, JimCx wrote:
> ALSO!!!!!!! WTF AM I DOING WRONG? I see that it says we’ve moved & I
> can see your stuff by clicking on home but can’t seem to start a new
> blog under our umbrella without it (seemingly) routing me to a page
> that appears to want me to start a new site. Unless it’s just titling
> my individual dispatch within our “Amer. Crisis” site… goes to a
> ‘check availability’-type screen….is this just to tile my current
> blog?
> “I got something to say. I got something to saaaaaaay!!!” — Jerri
> Blank from “Who Wants Cake?” (STRANGERS WITH CANDY)

ALSO!! Your comment regarding the ART & TECHNIQUE OF THE MENAGE fell
well into place with me deciding I should STOP making up my own words
to THIEVES by MINISTRY and I found a particular line that seems to
apply: Breathe, forfeit erection!

Thieves, thieves and liars, murderers
Hypocrites and bastards…in laughter

Hey thanks for nothing!
Morals in the dust
Two-faced bastards and syncophants
No trust

Thieves! liars! x4
Inside, outside, which side, you dont know
My side, your side, their side, we dont know
Which side are they? which side are they?
Which side of their mouth do you suppose that it came?
Which side are they? which side are they?
Which side of the grass is greener?
Inside, outside, which side, you dont know
My side, your side, their side, we dont know

You’re like a great big fucking gun,
Just waiting to get squeezed!

Breathe, forfeit erection!
Toxical injection
Geriatric fuck-fest
We still believe in lies

Thieves! liars! x4
Inside, outside, which side, you dont know
My side, your side, their side, we dont know
Who started it? who started it?
Which side are they? which side are they?
Which side of their mouth do you suppose that it came?
Which side are they? which side are they?
Which side of the grass is greener?
Inside, outside, which side, you dont know
My side, your side, their side, no one knows

You’re like a great big hit of acid,
Waiting to be taken!


End Transcript

You know you want to be in on this shit, people.