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State Electoral Laws, Compend’d

What we have here is

The Only Online Compendium
of US State Laws Governing
Presidential Electoral Procedure.

That’s right.
We bad.


Now it begins.

There’s not much else to say, is there? Do you still think representive democracy is either?

The Video They™ Don’t Care if You See

Judicial Watch: Who Are These Guys?

They apparently released it via YouTube on May 16, 2006, after the Pentagon gave it to them. They do FOIA stuff, and hit-jobs on the Clintons.

A case of reasonable doubt

Readers here haven’t had a chance to witness my Wikipedian’s worldview. I have been know to edit Wikipedia. I did not have any hand in this entry:
The quandry of Mumia Abu Jamal
Which pretty much tells the tale of Mumia Abu Jamal…conservatively. I personally think he was set-up, for obvious reasons. Which brings me to the point of this punji stick: What the hell was going on the night of December 9, 1981?
Mumia was driving his cab, and just happened upon the site of his brother’s traffic stop by Officer Dan Faulkner; or Officer Faulkner just happened to pull Mumia’s brother over where Mumia was idling in his cab. One or the other is claimed by both parties. WTF? Sacred Coincidence is key when one is trying to not speak the unutterably obvious word “conspiracy”.
See, it’s pretty unlikely that this would have been a coincidental confluence of events. Let’s get out a map of Philly.
1400 block of Locust St.
It was on the corner of Locust and 13th, according to Justice for Daniel Faulkner‘s chronology. Phili’s awful big. What a coincidence.
Look, something’s up with the whole setup. Occham’s Razor leads me to think planning, rather than synchronicity, leads to such a confluence. As to why a radio personality would plot with family to, in cold blood, shoot a cop in plain view, i would have to say i have no idea. If the contrapositive is asked, EG, why would police conspire to murder one of thier own and frame a radio personality? Oh Yeah. I could see why cops might want to do that.
The “Justice” site’s treatment of MOVE is telling enough. Hey, i remember the Mercury’s treatment of the firebombing of MOVE. C’Mon. Hardly liberal media bias in a Hearst newspaper.
So here’s some more Mumia.

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