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Since i know some people in New York read this, i thought i’d give a Destination Event Suggestion ~ Form Of: David Rees in Greenpoint for a free engagement at Word Books. Buy a copy of both books, whose royalties go towards landmine removal.
“We can’t walk over there.”

I note that the US is having an unrequited honeymoon with our new nuclear bedfellows in the World’s Largest Democacy™, India. Thanks for blue-balling America back to dealing with that clusterbombing hooker in Tel Aviv, Singh.

W/e. Here’s 78 vids of Sri Carlin.

The Confessions Of Saint George

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Ahmadinejad ‘n’ US: An Exhalation

They say Iran, again. Rattle, rattle.

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Shi’ite Persian Props

Rev. Dr. Ahmadinejad is an obnoxiously hard to defend Executive Branche-Man, so this past week i must admit of a certain knee-jerk urge to give props of some sort to the public face of my beloved (pre’hap betrothed, anon) Shi’ia Persia.

See? He’s cool with Jews.

07-09-24 – Neturei Karta Rabbis Meet Ahmadinejad
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Damn. I’m always looking for a fansub. WTF. Italian is sexo, si?

Next is a nice little rip from the UN webcast.

07-09-25_UN_AG_Iran_Mahmoud_Ahmadinejad 1-2
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Whatever. I don’t know if that’s what he said. Rev Stuttery McRamblesome there is perfectly in keeping with a contemporary speaker. This ain’t the Gilded Age. Dubya’s verbal tragedies are encoded at DARPA and filtered through Cheney before he mangles them into “speaches”; Ahmadinejad has to decode whatever the Khomeniacracy flips him to compliment his sportswear ouvre.

My biggest problem with Iran is the number of journalists that country murders.

One would have though that mentionable in the news. You know, where journalists gather to talk.

W/e. moving on.


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August 6-9:

62 Years Of American Sunlight

Hibakusha is the entitled name of the survivors of Hiroshima; i’m told it means “explosion afflicted people”. If i knew Japones, i would swap in the proper syllabandage to create a word for the US citizens who bathe in the afterglow of nuclear genocides of August 6th – 9th, 1945.

“Explosion uplifted people”. That’s us. Own it.

What Time Is It, People?

5 ’til, time to get ill.

PDF: A History Of Bombing Ourselves

I love the synaptic nausea that results from meditation on US nuclear weapons testing. The reader(s) amongst you who were with me in previous years will (of course) remember that thermonuclear reaction is the Soul Crusher, the Universal Extinguisher; it is the human vehicle for delivery of instant Nirvana to all beings in the hypocenter of a blast. Thus it is a Bohdisatva Without Being; a pure zen reality without consciousness to sully its diamond bright honesty in form and function, a Way. To meditate upon it is to perhaps find the Void within; and to meditate upon its permutations as experiments is to know the mind of modern humanity.

Were scientists worried that the technique of inducing a thermonuclear reaction would stop working? Were they trying to make a cleaner bomb, and just kept fucking up until they came up with the Neutron and Cobalt death-ray devices?

Or are we just that stupid, thanatophilic and selfish?

The Department of Energy Nevada Test Site Memorial Archive
A boom joint with vintage sensibilities

Of course, we carpet bomb with other lethal biohazards, as does every other human culture.

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