Electoral Enclosure In The Age Of Crisis As Reason

Firstly, we need to stop giving the One-Two Party System anything. No money, attention, no registration as voters. Register libertarian. Register Socialist, National Socialist, Capitalist, (why isn’t there an American Capitalist Party?), Constitutionalist, Green, Pink, Other. Not DemaRepugnitician. No more. Instead, all talk and spore of either Republican or Democrat should prompt is derisive laughter, perhaps baby talk, and perhaps spittle.  Secondly, we need to limit tenure, or outright forbid two consecutive terms as Senator, three for Representative. No careers on the Hill. That’s a real issue; we like to fool ourselves that the job of Federal lawcrafter requires a dedicated caste of life-long Hungry Ghosts to fill the smouldering scars under the Capital Dome. It doesn’t. Any layman could, and should, be able to comport the concerns of the Citizens they live near to the National Legis. Thirdly, and i say this third because it should be first, because it’s the easy one: 

 We need to ditch the electoral college and institute direct democracy in the election of our Chief Executive.  

 We need to do this now, before the ossification of this particular membrane of aristocracy and light-gauge fascism (the one that stretches across our imploding Empire, the one bleeding our liberty and wealth into a sinkhole somewhere of the coast of Dubai) sets in for another generation. We, the People, need to push for suffrage again. Now.  



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