My Campaign Is Fail.

Hey, howsabout a slice of Typographic Dysthemia in PDF format?

Fine. Oh, hai; remember not to vote for me today. Make your third-party throw-away vote count. Vote Cindy Mckinney, or Nader/Gonzales; srry but i’m not on the ballot anywhere.

Like Ron Paul.

Apocryphae Cj

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Daisicution For Falluja

DaisyCutter [Falluja Mix]

A N35T Joyn’t. * *

“E. Cobham Brewer 18101897. Dictionary of Phrase and Fable. 1898.

Daisy-cutter (A).

In cricket, a ball that is bowled all along the ground.”

A Daisy-Cutter in modern US vernacular refers to a more energetic antiarboretic.

“7/21/2008 – DUKE FIELD, Fla. (AFPN) — Duke Field Airmen from the 711th Special Operations Squadron dropped the last operational Bomb Live Unit-82 from an MC-130E Combat Talon I July 15 at the Utah Test and Training Range.
Nicknamed “Commando Vault” in Vietnam and “Daisy Cutter” in Afghanistan, the BLU-82 is a 15,000-pound bomb, and because of its size, the bomb was dropped by parachute from the aircraft.”

“BLU-82 Commando Vault 
”Daisy Cutter”
The BLU-82 [Bomb Live Unit-82] is a 15,000 pound bomb originally designed to clear helicopter landing zones in Vietnam. The warhead contains 12,600 pounds of GSX [Gelled Slurry Explosive] slurry. Gelled slurry explosives are prepared by forming a slurry of combinations of different ingredients. After this material has gelled, it is detonated by a high explosive booster. Slurry explosives are used in mining where formations to be fractured are wet, very dense, or strong.
In Vietnam it was used to clear helicopter landing zones about 250 feet in diameter. Also called the Daisy Cutter, the BLU-82/B was first used in Vietnam on 23 March 1970. Eleven BLU-82s were dropped during Desert Storm, all from Special Operations C-130s. The initial drops were intended to test the ability of the bomb to clear mines; no reliable bomb damage assessment exist on mine clearing effectiveness. Later, bombs were dropped as much for their psychological effect as for their destructive power.
Melvin A. Cook’s life is intimately connected with the history of explosives, he is a scientist,, inventor, teacher, businessman, theorist, consultant, expert witness, entrepreneur, and author. Cook’s personal involvement in both the theoretical and practical aspects of the field of explosives spans more than fifty years. Cook’s greatest commercial explosives invention was formulated in December of 1956, when he created a new blasting agent using an unusual mixture of ammonium nitrate, aluminum powder, and water. The safety and efficiency of this new explosive were apparent, and the use of water was revolutionary. Tests that followed resulted in the development of a new field of explosives: slurry explosives. This invention converted the commercial explosives industry from “dangerous dynamite” to “safe slurry” and dry blasting agents [ANFO]. In 1972 Cook developed the BLU-82, the largest and most powerful chemical bomb, using aluminized slurry. Cook, a professor of metallurgy at the University of Utah, was a businessman and author of works on explosives. He also published works on creationism, particularly on the relationship between science and Mormonism.” * *

This is the short version of the 9 minute endurance-test version at

Cannibal Hangover

You’re not supposed to see this. Ooops. Guess you’re right fucked now. srry. My bad.

ProleFeed: ++Ism

Is Sarah Palin Anti-American?

Secessionism is one of the most American isms there ism.

Que, Como, Qual Es.

Barombin’ Bazooka Joe’s Mama

Gets pretty hard to keep a straight face with them funny-ass talking points to round out the evening’s shallow glaze of empty show. Here’s to Joe the Plumber™- way to duct-tape the newscycle open during an election theft, fucko. What, are you with Liddy or just that stupid? Christ, we need better Ops/heads on pikes all the way around the Beltway.

“Song is Big Black, But Who Is Joe Hill?”

Joe Hill is who They™ don’t want you to remember. Joe and Eddy, Joseph and Geronimo… but mostly Joe.

Joe Hill’s Legal Legacy

Comes The Hard Rain

The Last Playlist You’ll Ever Need.
Now with no Habeas Corpus or Posse Comi-ta-ta-s!
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“Born, Joel Haaglund October 7, 1879 —- Executed, Joe Hill November 19, 1915

Hill was executed by firing squad on November 19, 1915, and his last word was “Fire!” Just prior to his execution, he had written to Bill Haywood, an IWW leader, saying, “Goodbye Bill. I die like a true blue rebel. Don’t waste any time in mourning. Organize… Could you arrange to have my body hauled to the state line to be buried? I don’t want to be found dead in Utah.”

BTW: Trade Unionism is no friend of Labor.

Joe was an organizer who used pop music to spread the idea that Labor is the Source of Value. He was framed for the murders of two grocers, tried, and shot regardless of calls for reprieve from the US President.

That is how the Combine rolls.

Y’all now what the Combine is, yes?

The Combine harvests all to feed its own always-growing hunger.


There was a helluva lot more resistance 100 years ago, kids. You’ve gotta catch fire or They™ WILL crush your childrens’ futures into fine powder, mix it with aspartame and heroin, and make you buy it back as a daily suppository in lieu of a retirement. Every century needs a complete subsumance of margin gain, for Growth is why the Combine rolls.

You are the “how”, BTW.

General Strike. Now.


¡Consolidated! (PostBailout AdornoStrength-HowieLivin’ Mix)

Back from 1989 with a double major in Armchair Revolution and a minor in Personal Theory it’s -¡C!-

Not a consumer product – yet. They are of the same mind as i about money = it sux. So go get some more of their beats and smarmy smartass sciences from them for free:

After, you can go talk to at least 1 (one) of the people in your neighborhood. Just to say “hi”. Do it! You won’t regret it.

For Adam (who’s right despite having short hair) and Tommy (who understands these ol’ sk00l Bay Thangz)

Decolonize yourselves. It’s going to be an outstanding day.

|v| = |L|

[Economics wit’ B0B]

I have spent a long ass time studying the ways humans turn tools into modes, modes into institutions, institutions into people of incredible power, and life into an empty gray hallway of needless strife and extra effort for negative gain . It’s almost funny, except for the part where i have to live here with you retards. Here’s something to grok about economics.

The word “economics” stems from “eco”, which is “that which is without/external” from which “ecology” also stems. Ecology is the study of this environment, and the study of human interactions and relations with it would be something like “ecophylology”. “-Nomics” indicates verbal modeling, description, naming; but NOT study. No Logos here, just taxonomy. If one wanted to study interactions based on quanta, one would use the lowest common unit in the systems observed; this is a unit of energy known as an erg. Hence, “Ergonomics” or “human factors”, which is like applied physics and engineering with a harm-reduction/efficiency maximizing spin. The erg has been quantifiable for a long time, and has been used as the base measure for Labor Value Theories quite effectively. When you think about it, talking about human production systems in terms of money and quarterly reports is rather like using shiny rocks as the unit in which all studies of birds shall be expressed; it’s drawing an abstraction from a symbolic tool and calling the model done rather than, you know, actually observing stuff.

Oh, and it’s not “fee-aht” currency; that’s a grouse. Good one too, the whole tax-value thing. No, no; it’s “fae-yaht” which means “agreed price – market value”.’sfolder/0501steveswritings/050107surplusvalue.html

Now go meet some neighbors.

Prole Feed – Eyes Forward.

Perpetual Bailout…Or Perish – PF035

Double Plus Good Truth™ From Central Party Minister of Informations ProleFeed. Stop what you are doing and devote your attention to the ServeScreen until told otherwise.

So Sassoon Me.

Sassoon Me, Golden Dragon

“Gee your hair smells like MORE PLEASE.”

an ali0′ joynt.