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February 21, 1965


Above is a playlist i’m building, inspired by Galloway’s post of the first video.

Now that’s Web 2.035.

Did i mention that Cheney’s portfolio was up $1Billion more than i had guessed?

Go Haliburton Go!
Homeslicer done learn’t from the best, after all…

Great American Crooks

One may think it a good thing that Arnie can’t use rendition tactics on his state’s overflowing prison population, but one should maybe begin to wonder about both the rate at which the nation is filling it’s new prisons and the increasing internal outsourcing of correction. I’m not generally paranoid of Big Brother, mind you; he’s been here a while and is as lazy and incompetant as all of us Later Day Americans. No, it’s just the syndrome itself does imply an oligopoly (KBR?) market push on the proven weak consumer of American Beurocracy. This will tend to increase the effect until saturation reaches equilibrium, which in this case is presentable bond measures against taxpayers left in the civilian population.

New JFK Footage Eclipses 27th Aniversity of Sri Dr Malcolm X’s Assasination

Yeah, i’m old-skuul 23, over here. Let’s talk about JFK. Wait a sec, though. I wanna drink this glass of ammonia first.

Please Join Me In Raising The Roof For
A Returning Champ Amongst World Powers.

Shi’ite Persian Props

I love that Gundam Seed Iranian smartbomb. These kids are alright, people.

Elevate Me.

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Think nationally, co-opt campaigns locally.