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Ahmadinejad ‘n’ US: An Exhalation

They say Iran, again. Rattle, rattle.

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Shi’ite Persian Props

Rev. Dr. Ahmadinejad is an obnoxiously hard to defend Executive Branche-Man, so this past week i must admit of a certain knee-jerk urge to give props of some sort to the public face of my beloved (pre’hap betrothed, anon) Shi’ia Persia.

See? He’s cool with Jews.

07-09-24 – Neturei Karta Rabbis Meet Ahmadinejad
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Damn. I’m always looking for a fansub. WTF. Italian is sexo, si?

Next is a nice little rip from the UN webcast.

07-09-25_UN_AG_Iran_Mahmoud_Ahmadinejad 1-2
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Whatever. I don’t know if that’s what he said. Rev Stuttery McRamblesome there is perfectly in keeping with a contemporary speaker. This ain’t the Gilded Age. Dubya’s verbal tragedies are encoded at DARPA and filtered through Cheney before he mangles them into “speaches”; Ahmadinejad has to decode whatever the Khomeniacracy flips him to compliment his sportswear ouvre.

My biggest problem with Iran is the number of journalists that country murders.

One would have though that mentionable in the news. You know, where journalists gather to talk.

W/e. moving on.

Two-Handed Tales

Let none say that Citizen j doesn’t provide the goods, being as “goods” are defined as “cartoons featuring well-endowed ladies killing Nazis/vampires”.

Black Lagoon has the usual suspects, with a healthy action-to-filler ratio. Quite unlike certain kiddie Anime that’s really pissing me off right now.

I’m not saying there’s any parallels to electoral tyranny here. There probably isn’t, other than a broad theme of personal power against legacy institutional power. One must shoot from both hips with accuracy and choose one’s battles well. Even so, don’t expect more than to be crushed with intact principles. A hero is just a troubled loner until they succeed, and they usually fail.

Now here’s some beatz straight outta Beruit.

Some of my favorite heroes are just musicians, or in the case of HipHop/Beatmixing, just people with music. Pretty lame for a hero. Not really very heroic. I could say, “well, music, you know, it affects the vibe, it, you know, like, informs and such” but we both know that’s shit. Music is less an agent of change than that spunky new haircut of yours. Music may be a measure of a civilization’s spark, but it’s more likely a reflection of human iconoclastic narcissism and a testament to our inability to understand harmony while mistaking uneccessary complication in artiface for beauty and ingenuity.

Here’s more summerfun from the Lands of Sands.

From the good folks at http://www.linktv.org/. Question: if the USA is in the Western Hemisphere, why do we spend so much time and money and blood in the Eastern Hemisphere?

Remember, the answer is not “oil”. We already covered the Myth of Arab Oil.

Bonus Question: Why don’t you want a direct vote for Chief Executive?

Dissapearering, Redux Again

Last week i reposted a vid from Maphia, a DM channel i watch ostensibly posted by a Cuban, from Matanzas. The boy had a propensity for parlais’ing the Palestinian Problem into some specious NWO space and definately pushed the Anti-Zionist envelope to the brink of Anti-Semitism, but seemed all-in-all as reliable an alternative source for news of the Occupied Terror-torries as one can get (not to diss Mosaic).

He (we’ll go ahead and imbue this “Cuban” node with personification in the male, ‘k?) is now gone, as are 100+ videos of the IDF in action.

2002 Israel Kills Palestinian Hawarjeh
Uploaded by texarcana

One thing about the jack-booted SS of Zion, they’re not too camera shy. No paucity of footage in my broomcloset. Go ahead, fuckers. Kill every last journalist, whack every obvious fountain of media regurgitation that pops up. I dare you, you disorganised hordes of dank-browed toadies and Peter-Principle shitcasters, try it. You cunts are too sloppy. I bet ol’ Maphia was running outta Gitmo, working some angle, probably downloaded too much gay porn for his station and got canned. No Big Brother action, just a glitch. Or something.

Ba’ath Matte

Click Below for Soundtracking

King Missile III- Royal Lunch Buffet

The Ba’ath Party – Autopsy of a 20th Century Unity Movement

The Ba’ath Party was built on the misuse of the words and dreams of one Michel Aflaq, a Syrian-born Greek Orthodox scholar and Pan-Arab populist. Having fled his beloved Syria when that country’s co-opted Baath Party led to the current dictatorial dynasty, he was heralded in his new home of Iraq as proof that Sadaam’s Ba’athists were The One True Party™.

Sadaam: one of our more killingest patsies!

Mssr. Aflaq’s protestations were not broadcast, but he was allowed to live out his remaining years, trying to get Arabs from all nations to work together for the greater glory of Arabism and championing free speach and human rights.

His failure is notable because of its bitter paradox as well as his unsinkably good nature.

Persistence is all.

Observez vous, si vous plait – the Ba’athist Palestinian/Kuwaiti flag flying over the school at the begining of the following cartoon.

Block 13

متنزهة جنوبيّة

We have no subs yet. Srry. I still laugh though; they’re visually off the hook, chain and meter. My current theory is that it’s set in one of the migrant worker “towns” set up in the OTHER Palestinian Apartied system by the Saudi Arabians and Emerites. These nasty little company towns were the model for KBR (Halliburton) when building the Green Fortress in Baghdad. Seperate but not-equal is the rule for the disenfranchised workers of the world. The Ba’athist references obvious in the Teacher’s character and the fact of Kenny’s headwrap have more sting if i’m on the right track here…

(Nase! Help a brotha out, G! I KNOW you know some folks who sprakenzei Arabic…it’s for world peace, dammit!)

Speaking of thangs Iraqui and American Monolingual Handicapability, some fresh vids have been added to the cornocopia of insanity that is:

Renting: A War Joint

Additions include an American GI parotting Iraqui (looks like someone’s being tricked into saying something they probably wish wasn’t on YouTube), a couple of n00b IED strikes, and an IED/VBIED training demo from the Insurgents’ SoCOM video game.

Wrapping up this Arab Moment™ is a rare up-beat story about post-pull-out Nablus from the Electronic Intifada.

The First Annual Suryu FilmFest Continues!

Live From Death Row – The Analyst You Love To Hate

Sri Doktor Mumia Abu Jamal’s
words from death row come via
and are video mixed by
Suryu, aKa ThierSpacer Ismael. /Props!

The Process

The first rule of the Selective Source-Openning Process is that it is a stone-cold groove.


Naruto Shippuuden

The second rule of the Selective Source-Openning Process is do not use an acronym for the Selective Source-Openning Process when talking about the Selective Source-Openning Process.

Block 13 (Gaza Park)
There are no other rules about the Selective Source-Openning Process.

People like Rudy Guilliani fear the Selective Source-Openning Process.

GQ was the one of the Sources Selectively Opened in the following example product of the Selective Source-Openning Process.

Haliburton Stock Options & Exposed Intel Agents:
Intolerable Acts.

Six Articles of Impeachment for Richard B Cheney

(PDF – D/L)
Wil S. Hylton and GQ

Hotlink use of Haliburton’s logo_tag.gif is an manifestation of the Selective Source-Openning Process.

Haliburton And KBR Have A Stock Exchange…

…Haliburton Moves Hive Ship To Tax Shelter

Secrets are stupid. The selfish motive behind the idea of secrecy itself is anti-productive. Not merely aproductive, but aggresivly anti-devlopement. It serves no one’s interest but criminals of the lowest order. I do many illegal things, i don’t keep them a secret; because they really ARE victimless, no-one complains or even notices.

I steal, but i’m not a thief like Dick Cheney.

Or Sony-BMG. The idea that one can own an idea is stupid, like many of the accepted canonnical incongruencies which form the lexicon of oligopsony capitalism. Intellectual property corporations leverage thier market control against artists and consumers, forcing both to accept copyright laws written to benifit thier interests, not the artists. Piracy is liberation; it’s not a game. It’s not a free lunch. It’s the Selective Source-Openning Process.

Timmeh & The Lords Of The Underworld