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Cheney Bites Come With The Box

¡My Dream Date With Dick Chenebyte!


1.6180339 : 1 : 0.61803402

1.6180339 / 0.61803402 = 2.6180337

2.6180337 X 0.61803402 = 1.6180339

1.6180339 X 2.6180337 = 4.2360673

0.61803402 / 2.6180337 = 0.23606802

4.2360673 / 1.6180339 = 2.6180337

2.6180337 / 4.2360673 = 0.61803402

It’s A Small World After Monsanto Et Al: 3 Squares

In which i get a GM tomato, and Enclosure becomes personal.

Yep yep. All Hell Breaks Loose, in stop motion. America! Your clue: if you haven’t drawn a line and chosen a target, you are already on the wrong side of the chalk with a red dot or two tracking your hat-holder. You look like shit, BTW. I thought this was going to be so much harder, but here we are.

On Enclosure and Mandatory Obsolescent Consumption as Culture

LOne GunMeN – [auto]Pilot

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Hai, Happy Summer. The above drek is an example of shtick imitating futurelife imitating life, with the later being an insurance/redevelopment racket imitating a Machiavelian coup d’grace false-flag op imitating action by a grass-roots fundamentalist strike cell. Below is some relational mapping pertainant to the understanding of US Zionism as Foreign Policy Renderer.

The Compassionator of the Brookings Institution

Muckety Mapping

srry, we’re busy. Just nod and try to catch up on background during your dayshift, plz k thnx.

This is Enclosure.

A Homestead Impinged.

NOLA Enclosure

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We here at InterBai U are now a mere month from the auction block, where Ms K’s blood, sweat and innumerable tears/fistholes left in walls for the past 7 years will be transferred in a forced short-sale to parties unknown.

Forclosure is Enclosure with compound interest built into an insurable commodity share, tradable as an optionable future or a real good.

“We don’t care where you go but you can’t work here anymore.”

¡FkN NewZ!

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A condo is an air property, a floating idea of land that one may own or pay for as if owning, but whose actual value is totally dependent upon the leverage of the whole complex it is a part of. It is rather like a trailer house that one can’t move.

A Tesco Jail is a portable detention unit, developed by the Masters of Control in the UK.

Tesco Jail

Do the maths; Direct Democracy Now.

Enclosure as it impinges on the world today is largely flavored by the Anglo-Dutch financiers who perfected it in the Europe that made Them™ rich transnational dynasties to begin with. It never stops, and always has a new crisis and cure to offer the growing throngs of disenfranchised production units it continually herds into tighter zones.

O Bomba Baraka

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Some folks see the sickness by it’s symptoms, which is at least an acknowledgement of disfunction. At this point, i just encourage these folk. They see what humans do, they see the effects as wrong and doomed. They want a better Way™. This is as good a grasp as one can expect of the bald monkey.

You’ve Got Is’mael

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It is nowhere near enough to begin to combat the Combine. One must Gnow of the Hydrae, sing it’s myths and root out it’s true nature and origin to grasp the specifics of what must be done to slay it.

D’0w! Chemical Combinatikz

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It is unreasonable and illogical to expect focus and targeted actions from most of the bald monkey people, but those that are awake have begun the process of teaching themselves to think as individuals about what the collective is and must become.

Fish Stapler

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They are seeing the Braid for the first time, the lifeline that is woven of humans, things humans cultivate for consumption, and the land that bears both.

Against Enclosure

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For those of you who are truly ready to Be, watch the following series. It is created with specific intent to incite local unilateral collateral loss propagations. We will Gnow the Hydrae, and feed it into it’s own Combine one head at a time.

It’s A Small World According to Monsanto, Et Al

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Life in Third Person

It’s A Small World After Monsanto, Et Al – Brer Beyer

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The French are all mais oui RE: B0b’s posting of “Spanish Earth” because the French are still gay for Papa Hemmingway.

Regardez; from:


“Tout de suite apr�s, il me raconta son s�jour en 1957 � Cuba o� il avait rencontr� Hemingway ne jurant plus d�sormais que par les anarchistes. Cependant, c’est dans cette maison de San Francisco de Paula que Bill obtint de son h�te de pouvoir voir sa copie de Terre d’Espagne, le film hyperstalinien que celui-ci avait tourn� avec Joris Ivens en 1937. �Malgr� le message, �a tient le coup, m’assura Bill. Et puis, sur la p�riode, que nous reste-t-il?� M’emp�chant de lui parler de Diego Camacho, je l’invitai � m’en dire plus sur l’auteur de Pour qui sonne le glas?

~[at this point two (2) of the Spanish Earth vids were inserted, not the simple playlist with all 6 (six)]~

�Il �tait tr�s hospitalier, tr�s g�n�reux, il payait partout. Et en mer, quand on est sortis p�cher le gros, il tenait bien sa place. Seul probl�me, il voulait toujours �tre le meilleur. Du coup, il tentait le diable. Et apr�s il la ramenait. Mais il avait la classe. Il avait lu une de mes nouvelles et m’en avait parl�. J’ai connu peu d’�crivains, je parle de ceux qui ont d�j� un pied dans la renomm�e, qui se souciaient ainsi de leurs cadets. Vous devriez aller � Cuba. Faut toujours voir l’int�rieur des �crivains!�


Here’s the B0tTranslation from http://www.tranexp.com:2000/Translate/result.shtml:

At once after , he me gossip her living room at 1957 at Cuba where he had meet Hemingway ne jurant anymore from now on as by the anarchists. However , is in that dwelling house about San Francisco about Paul as Billiards achieves about her host about may behold her copy earthen of spaces , him film hyperstalinien as which ci had off with Joris Ivens at 1937. �Malgr� him message , thanksggiving holds him bash m’assura Billiards. And then , about the period , as ourselves remainder t – he? � M’emp�chant about her refer to Diego Comrade , I the invitation at m’en put anymore about the author about For thanksggiving blares him knell?

�Il was greatly hospitable , greatly free , he due all over. And on the sea , when on am out fish him big , he held all right her seat. Alone issue , he voulait always be best. Any bash , he tentacle him devil. And after he her bring back. But he had her class. He had lu a about my news and m’en had talk. I knew little d’�crivains , I talk about which drove already a foot at her fame , thanksggiving herself souciaient like this about their cadets. You will have to fit Cuba. Blame always behold the interior any writer! � 4

The Ol’ BabelFish‘s worthy attempt:

Immediately after, he told me his stay in 1957 in Cuba where he had met Hemingway not swearing more from now on but by the anarchists. However, c’ is in this house of San Francisco of Paula that Bill obtained from its host to be able to see his Ground d’ copy; Spain, the film hyperstalinien that this one had turned with Joris Ivens in 1937. ?In spite of the message, that holds the blow, m’ Bill ensured. And then, over the period, which us does it remain?? M’ preventing of him to speak about Diego Camacho, I l’ invited to m’ in saying more on l’ author of For whom rings the knell? ?It was very hospital, very generous, it paid everywhere. And at sea, when one left to fish the large one, it held its place well. Only problem, it wanted to always be the best. Blow, it tried the devil. And after it brought back it. But it had the class. It had read one of my news and m’ in had spoken. J’ knew d’ little; writers, I speak about those which have already a foot in the fame, which was concerned thus with their juniors. You should go to Cuba. Is always necessary to see l’ interior of the writers!



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[Overlapped the third and fifth movements of Reggi’s 1982 travelogue, worked out better than Dark Side? with “Under The Rainbow” or w/e crunchy myth… Brother Orange does a nice Broddy-cum-tango, makes both stunts for the irony layers.]



Godrey Reggio directed, cinematographer and editor was Ron Fricke, Philip Glass did the soundtrack. This is half of the middle third of one of three (1:3) film studies of human experience that are worth watching in entirety. Text at close explains the title of this 1982 masterpiece.


ko-yan-nis-qatsi (from the Hopi language) n. 1. crazy life. 2. life in turmoil. 3. life out of balance. 4. life disintegrating. 5. in a state of life that calls for another way of living.

Translation of the Hopi Prophecies Sung in the film:

“If we dig precious things from the land, we will invite disaster.”

“Near the Day of Purification, there will be cobwebs spun back and forth in the sky.”?

“A container of ashes might one day be thrown from the sky which could burn the land and boil the oceans.”