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Meme Vectoring and Office Supply Shrinkage

Hey, wanna take it to the man?
Load up a few sheets of your company’s Avery 5160 address label stock &

D/l a PDF to prink from work.

Two-Handed Tales

Let none say that Citizen j doesn’t provide the goods, being as “goods” are defined as “cartoons featuring well-endowed ladies killing Nazis/vampires”.

Black Lagoon has the usual suspects, with a healthy action-to-filler ratio. Quite unlike certain kiddie Anime that’s really pissing me off right now.

I’m not saying there’s any parallels to electoral tyranny here. There probably isn’t, other than a broad theme of personal power against legacy institutional power. One must shoot from both hips with accuracy and choose one’s battles well. Even so, don’t expect more than to be crushed with intact principles. A hero is just a troubled loner until they succeed, and they usually fail.

Now here’s some beatz straight outta Beruit.

Some of my favorite heroes are just musicians, or in the case of HipHop/Beatmixing, just people with music. Pretty lame for a hero. Not really very heroic. I could say, “well, music, you know, it affects the vibe, it, you know, like, informs and such” but we both know that’s shit. Music is less an agent of change than that spunky new haircut of yours. Music may be a measure of a civilization’s spark, but it’s more likely a reflection of human iconoclastic narcissism and a testament to our inability to understand harmony while mistaking uneccessary complication in artiface for beauty and ingenuity.

Here’s more summerfun from the Lands of Sands.

From the good folks at http://www.linktv.org/. Question: if the USA is in the Western Hemisphere, why do we spend so much time and money and blood in the Eastern Hemisphere?

Remember, the answer is not “oil”. We already covered the Myth of Arab Oil.

Bonus Question: Why don’t you want a direct vote for Chief Executive?

The Myth of Arab Oil

From the good ol’ USDOE:

Crude Oil Imports (Top 15 Countries)
(Thousand Barrels per Day)
Country Apr-07 Mar-07 YTD 2007 Apr-06 Jan – Apr 2006
CANADA 1,909 1,780 1,846 1,710 1,726
MEXICO 1,460 1,621 1,471 1,601 1,692
SAUDI ARABIA 1,458 1,216 1,358 1,582 1,413
VENEZUELA 1,182 1,036 1,070 1,171 1,190
NIGERIA 891 1,290 1,089 1,022 1,149
IRAQ 562 523 488 531 498
ALGERIA 530 501 495 256 235
ANGOLA 514 696 556 389 446
RUSSIA 269 193 137 0 19
BRAZIL 175 209 174 111 114
ECUADOR 159 191 200 312 289
CONGO (BRAZZAVILLE) 138 79 78 33 16
KUWAIT 126 288 187 225 139
UNITED KINGDOM 119 77 97 169 108
GABON 92 48 60 33 53

Total Imports of Petroleum (Top 15 Countries)
(Thousand Barrels per Day)
Country Apr-07 Mar-07 YTD 2007 Apr-06 Jan – Apr 2006
CANADA 2,475 2,305 2,424 2,238 2,266
MEXICO 1,572 1,749 1,601 1,750 1,805
SAUDI ARABIA 1,485 1,244 1,378 1,595 1,443
VENEZUELA 1,412 1,285 1,311 1,393 1,485
NIGERIA 948 1,346 1,135 1,098 1,211
ALGERIA 798 727 718 543 528
IRAQ 562 523 488 531 498
RUSSIA 547 455 400 218 239
ANGOLA 526 708 571 419 463
UNITED KINGDOM 386 292 285 315 252
VIRGIN ISLANDS 322 349 353 239 283
BRAZIL 246 234 222 169 167
NORWAY 198 164 150 206 205
KOREA, SOUTH 184 164 136 106 65
ECUADOR 159 191 202 319 295
Note: The data in the tables above exclude oil imports into the U.S. territories.

As one can clearly see, the bulk of our oil is imported from our neighbors in the Americas. So let’s all STFU about Arab oil cartels, or the reliance we have on Mid Eastern oil, or WTFE idiots believe about oil imports and wars.

Moon’s Milk

�Jai Maa Jai!
Happy first full moon of the lunar year.
Since i don’t have an MP3 of Coil’s “Ostia” up,
please play this mantra by God:

God – On All Fours

OSTIA (The Death Of Pasolini)

“There’s honey in the hollow
and the contours of the body
sticky yellow trickle
sickly golden ribbon
a gold and sticky

“Yea; i will make you dead fishers of men…”

“You can hear the bones humming
singing like a puncture.
like a puncture.

And the car reverses over
the body in the basin
in the shallow sea-plain basin.”

Martha Washington School For (Killing) Delinquent Girls Park

“You can hear the bones humming
you can hear the bones humming.

So throw his bones over
the white cliffs of Dover
and into the sea
the Sea of Rome
and the blood stained coast
of Ostia.”

Millions Of Dead (Iraqui) Cops

“Leon like the Lion
sleeping in the sunshine
Lion lies down
Lion lies down.

Killed to keep the world turning
Killed to keep the world turning
Killed to keep the world

US Oil policy in the Niger Delta

“And the car reverses over
and the body rolls over
crushed through the shoulder.

So throw his bones over
The white cliffs of Dover
and into the sea
The Sea of Rome
and the blood stained coast
of Ostia.”

The Little Ghost Boy Who Lost His Ballance

“And murder me
in Ostia.”