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Open Standalone Soundtracking For Helmet with Maximum the HormoneHey, a heads up for any wandering Daemonkrauts in here that your party still has a viable contender outside the Hillarak Supramacy. A guy with decades more experience. A guy who isn’t afraid to take the bold stand against torture and pointless total war. A guy who really has fought the good fight, a guy who secured a paper trail for some of the Pentagon’s most corrupt and vile enshadowings by reading them into the National Record during a filibuster in the 1970’s, a move that could have cost him much more than the blackballing and cockblocking he’s had to endure as one of our last actual statesmen.Sen Mike Gravel D, AK, is still in it to win it.

Gravel in ’08!

Open Playlist in new windowHe’s even gentleman enough to give a tip o’ the straw hat for fellow swiftbooti, L Ron Paul. He’s still in it, too. C’mon, PaulB0ts! Make him work for the millions you twats gave him in booksales and donations! Keep him running!Or, get real.Realize that there’s really only one choice.

�Vermin Supreme in 2008!

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Tro’ Da Bums Out!

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