Sixty Second SuperFog With Thee Vapors

60 Second SuperFog – Thee Vapors


One of my favorite tracks from the New Clear Days LP, “60 Second Intervals”. Footage is from January 19th 2009, the midpoint in a 7-day superfog event that made me wish i hadn’t walked around in it. Dedicated to our lampreys-with-tenure in the MilitardInDUHstrophy Simplex with love and thanks for the help with the weather. Fucking retards, can’t you douchebags even seed clouds right anymore? Fucking ‘eh; that’s 2nd year shit. Hit the books and call back AFTER you pass the GSCESATs, ‘k?


US Forestry Service on SuperFog:

US EPA on ozone, just fer giggles:

“…the second of three papers on fog/smoke superfog accepted for publication in Journal of Applied Meteorology. This paper explains how superfog forms.”

SuperFog™_1 is a pesticide made from Naphta and Pyrethrin II; MSDS:

SuperFog™_2 is a humidifier system for herpe’s [reptiles]:

Ergo; hence, i postulate thusly:

¡¡¡OH N03Z They™ R TerrorFormzing Erth 4 teh Lizard Peepolz!!!!11!

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