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Comes The Hard Rains

0, hai. BTW; RE:

NS PD 51

Should i has worry abouts it?
Bush reframing the National Continuity Policy is another good deal, no doubt. Love his sense of acronym.
NS PD 51 May 25th 2007 by willyloman talks some about it.

I won’t. It’s Your Disneyland Deathcamp™, cutiez. Not mine.

One Of Those Third Eye Uncles


The Empire Never Ended.

excerpt from the above pdf shown in video:
“At the heart of fear of the unknown is the fear of freedom, the fear of responsibility, the fear of the self and the fear of life.

These are all the same thing for the hereditary slave.

At the heart of the fear of the unknown is anhedonia.”



“Anhedonia is the inability to love, to feel love or to express love. It is the inability to experience pleasure, to give it or receive it.

Anhedonia is the result of a preoccupation with the ego-image, a false conception of the self which springs not from the validation implicit in succeeding in establishing authentic relations with others, but from a paranoid hallucination that originates in the oldest and most archaic region of the human brain and otherwise manifests an underlying desire to return the womb.

At the heart of every anhedonic impulse to deny the self and to control others, so that they may not discover that we hate ourselves, worship idols and are prisoners of fear, is a moral absolutism.”

911 Safety, Inc., Ltd. LLC

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“Moral absolutisms change, but all are based on the false dichotomy of Good and Evil.

At the heart of every moral absolutism is an idée fixe.

Fixed ideas are the willing denial of reality. Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesnt go away.

At the heart of every idée fixe is amnesia.

At the heart of amnesia is oblivion.

Oblivion is the death of identity, the identity of death.

At the heart of oblivion is empire.

The empire never ended.”

American Truths

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“Empire is the antithesis of the infinite potential inherent to free will.

Empire is the tyranny of appearances.”

Misogyny and Murder Meet Enclosure

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“Empire is normality. Empire is the reduction of reality to a dogma.

Empire lives through us while we navigate oblivion, struggling blindly and desperately in our chains.

Empire is a prison of temporality. Empire imposes a narrative of linear time to forestall hope of a second chance in life and to instil a dread fear of making mistakes. Time is not linear; time follows the rhythm and characteristics of the seasonsbirth, growth, decline, death, rebirth.

Empire is living death; the personification of fear.”

Gringos Popos: Hearts and Minds

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“I must not fear.

Fear is the mindkiller.

Fear is the little death that brings total obliteration.

I will face my fear.

I will allow it to pass over me, and through me.

Where it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path.

Where the fear has gone there will be nothing.

Only I will remain.

This is the Litany Against Fear. Memorise it.”

961 Underground’s Secret (Malikah/LaGale = Divas d’LebHop)

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“Fear compels conformity and imposes amnesia by stealth. Fear colonises memory, identity and consciousness by stealth.

We will decolonise by stealth.

Leave no trail.

No leaders; no followers.

No aggression.

No machismo.”

Enclosure 2008

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“No playing the victim. Learned passivity and helplessness is part of the problem, not the solution.

No representatives. Anyone who claims to represent is the enemy. Empire is the representation of freedom and the reality of paranoid hallucination, manipulation and control.

When momentum builds, we will know. We will feel it in the air.

We will meet each other reborn as brothers and sisters on the streets. We will have never met, but we will know one another as we know ourselves.”

Comes The Hard Rain

Write John Twiss and tell him about how it takes a big man to gas hippy toddlers.
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Ah. Thee Way™.

They’re Just Some Bills.

From Open Congress.Org
H.R.5811 Electronic Message Preservation Act
H.J.Res.94 Whereas there is no greater expression of freedom and liberty than the defense of the God-given right of an individual to hold, possess, and use private property.
S.2875 Gray Wolf Livestock Loss Mitigation Act of 2008

S.J.39 A joint resolution proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the United States to abolish the electoral college and to provide for the direct popular election of the President and Vice President of the United States. Introduced Jun 06, 2008

So, yeah. W/e. Guess i’m good to go.

Special Victimizing Units Education Management

Sorry if i seem to be withholding on the next installment of the Rape Joke That Is January Primaries, but…well, i’ve been gettin’ some more some than usual-ally some-sum.

Some what, prithee mayhaps?

Massaging The Glass Teat

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Some focal examplary specifics for our coming Green Man Memorial Enclosure Expo:

That’s OUR Surplus, Slicke!

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Enclosure is Thier™ Process. Some humans do require a kennel, to be sure. Even some dogs who never personally never ate chickens and weren’t running with a pack on a given hypothetical night still, perhaps, need to be denied access to the Public Commons.

FunctInstruct: HowTo Insure Denial of Parole

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That’s right, Charlie can’t surf. Never killed anyone, wouldn’t even be culpable as a Driver or for Aiding and Abbetting.
I still say i agree with the panel. Dude’s a liability. The rest of the Population has free, unrestricted access to the Resources of the Commons as a basic Civil Right, yes?


That ain’t right.

Bob’s Alright

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I know we’re NOT a Democracy and all, and it appears as if this is by your Choice, BTW; but still…


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…am i supposed to believe that you approve of continued ineptitude and…well, just general impotence and faggotry in the more than merely lackluster performance of the CADS (Civilian Advisory Death Squads) who get rubber-stamp certified by the School of the Americas? Now that it’s changed name-charters to…WTF…St Mary’s Rape College? Shit, i can’t remember right now…BRB…

Boy’s Life

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…W/e, i’ll look it up later. Point is, they’re all fucking sickos, yeah, but they’re also creepy, closeted fags from pussy neighborhoods. They suck. I think we should’ve cut our losses after the Bay of Pigs and outsourced to Mongol or Cossack thugs. Oh wait, the Soviets. Right. Gotcha. Not a problem now; it’s a Brave New Globalism. Look! There’s a Hun below!


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Oh yeah. One more thing: Revolutionary Theory Is Neither.