Citizen j: Independent Progressive Constitutionalist for President

Hey, i couldn’t do any worse a job than Dubya. I’m taller, better spoken, get laid more and daresay am much better a lay than our current Chief Excuse. I have an extremely good grasp on history for a US Citizen; it was my major in University. I switched from hard science, where my undergrad work earned me next to no notice as a progenitor of crustecean carapace pigmentation photoresponce research. To the layman: this means i invented stem cells. My minor of economics has not made my stock portfolio appreciate as much as one would expect, until one notices that i am a Marxist. A real Marxist, not some black-hoody wearing wannabe Che or failed quantum sociologist like Chumpsky; i’m not here to lead or forstall the Revolution, just to help allzy’all do the math. I’m a worker, by choice, and would be the best representation of the bulk of our citizenry since Andrew Jackson. Being 1/8 Apache means i won’t be a hater like ol’ Hickory, tho, since we are a peaceful, compassionate People.I’ll put the Execute back in Chief Executive.Don’t worry about the Marx thing for now; suffice it to say i have every intention of getting Greenspan back in the money seat. I think we can all hang our hat on that to start.BTW, the real underlying meme of this campaign is “Ditch the Electoral College: Direct Democracy NOW.”

3 responses to “Citizen j: Independent Progressive Constitutionalist for President

  1. …Compendium of US State Laws Governing Electoral Procedure


  2. you were more fun when you just drank lucky lager . it was cheap and easy so were the laughs.

    I got a kid named Jack now.

    RU still is Seattle?

  3. ¡WTF! Hommi! Old Bean! Where the HELL you been, WTF RE: kids named me; tell all. Provide examples.

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