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Endgame Premises 


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Please read this article, first:




The definition of civilization (to keep it simple) is city-building. The definition of a city is any place with a population high enough to REQUIRE the importation of resources.


ENDGAME Premises by Derrick Jensen


overview part one


overview part two



The Economic Hit-Man


This article sets up the next video


Raping Indonesia


and Indonesians



National Geographic video (with a 30 second commercial)


In Africa


and in Iraq


The Causes of Rainforest Destruction


Michael Parenti “Myth of UnderDevelopment:


One Example



All you need to do, to prove this one, is search for politicians committing crimes, or look for any of the many cases of police brutality. Why don’t they pay the same price as any other common citizen?


cop beats man (nothing happens)

man beats wife (nothing happens)

wife beats kid (nothing happens)

kid beats dog (nothing happens)


What happens if the violence flows up?


dog bites kid (put to sleep)

kid hits mom (shock/horror)

wife hits man (shock/horror)

man hits cop (killed/severe penalty)




Igniting a Revolution (part one)


Igniting a Revolution (part two)


Standard Deviation


Fuck Scott McInnis


Please read this article:



Story of Stuff


The Corporation (part one)


The Corporation (part two)



soil depletion







ocean depletion







in order to survive, you NEED:





Albert Bartlett

Arithmetic, Population, Energy (exponential growth) 1/8


















Although there will clearly some day be far fewer humans than there are at present, there are many ways this reduction in population could occur (or be achieved, depending on the passivity or activity with which we choose to approach this transformation). Some of these ways would be characterized by extreme violence and privation: nuclear armageddon, for example, would reduce both population and consumption, yet do so horrifically; the same would be true for a continuation of overshoot, followed by crash. Other ways could be characterized by less violence. Given the current levels of violence by this culture against both humans and the natural world, however, its not possible to speak of reductions in population and consumption that do not involve violence and privation, not because the reductions themselves would necessarily involve violence, but because violence and privation have become the default. Yet some ways of reducing population and consumption, while still violent, would consist of decreasing the current levels of violence required, and caused by, the (often forced) movement of resources from the poor to the rich, and would of course be marked by a reduction in current violence against the natural world. Personally and collectively we may be able to both reduce the amount and soften the character of violence that occurs during this ongoing and perhaps longterm shift. Or we may not. But this much is certain: if we do not approach it actively—if we do not talk about our predicament and what we are going to do about it—the violence will almost undoubtedly be far more severe, the privation more extreme.


The wiki article: (sorry)


Wake up, people.




“Die Off”


think about it


high estimate


World Population










Population doubled:

10,000bc-5,000bc (5000yrs)

5,000bc-3,000bc (2000yrs)

3,000bc-1,400bc (1600yrs)

1,400bc-bc-0-ad (1400yrs)

bc-0-ad-1,200ad (1200yrs)

1,200ad-1,700ad (*500yrs)

1,700ad-1,900ad (*200yrs)

1,900ad-1,960ad (**60yrs)

1,960ad-1,996ad (**36yrs)


Do you see a f*cking problem, here?













































there are more articles of proof, but i can’t think of any more words that mean crazy.


Civilization: Some restrictions apply…


Modern-Day Slavery


zzz33333 did pretty much ALL the work, for this video.



Garcia (Stealing A Nation)





Barter IS Better





Honesty from professional liars



The first 2 chapters of this are pretty irrelevant


The indirect owners of the world



These families OWN the very idea of money. (the delusion that keeps you in slavery)

-Rothschild (London, Berlin)

-Lazard Brothers (Paris)

-Israel Moses Sieff (Italy)

-Warburg (Hamburg, Amsterdam)

-Kuhn Loeb (New York)

-Lehman Brothers (New York)

-Goldman Sachs (New York)

-Rockefeller Chase Manhattan (New York)


Money Masters



Money As Debt



Fiat Empire


Riot police in Serbia:


Riot police in Egypt:


Riot police in USA: 


Riot police in South Korea:


Riot police (military) in Burma:


Riot police in Poland:



Riot police in Denmark:



The Hole



gary is a perfect example of what this culture produces



“Ideas are bulletproof”



Tank Man


Save Yourself (cochise by audioslave)


Show Me How To Live (also audioslave)



Broken Rainbow (1/7)


Broken Rainbow (2/7)


Broken Rainbow (3/7)


Broken Rainbow (4/7)


Broken Rainbow (5/7)


Broken Rainbow (6/7)


Broken Rainbow (7/7)





hummingbird and the Forest Fire


Hemp Biofuel


Willie Nelson’s site




The Hemp Museum, on Energy



Premise Twenty: Within this culture, economics—not community well-being, not morals, not ethics, not justice, not life itself—drives social decisions.


Modification of Premise Twenty: Social decisions are determined primarily (and often exclusively) on the basis of whether these decisions will increase the monetary fortunes of the decision-makers and those they serve.


Re-modification of Premise Twenty: Social decisions are determined primarily (and often exclusively) on the basis of whether these decisions will increase the power of the decision-makers and those they serve.


ReRe-modification of Premise Twenty: Social decisions are founded primarily (and often exclusively) on the almost entirely unexamined belief that the decision-makers and those they serve are entitled to magnify their power and/or financial fortunes at the expense of those below.



ReReRe-modification of Premise Twenty: If you dig to the heart of it—if there were any heart left—you would find that social decisions are determined primarily on the basis of how well these decisions serve the ends of controlling or destroying wild nature.











Que, Como, Qual Es.

Barombin’ Bazooka Joe’s Mama

Gets pretty hard to keep a straight face with them funny-ass talking points to round out the evening’s shallow glaze of empty show. Here’s to Joe the Plumber™- way to duct-tape the newscycle open during an election theft, fucko. What, are you with Liddy or just that stupid? Christ, we need better Ops/heads on pikes all the way around the Beltway.

“Song is Big Black, But Who Is Joe Hill?”

Joe Hill is who They™ don’t want you to remember. Joe and Eddy, Joseph and Geronimo… but mostly Joe.

Joe Hill’s Legal Legacy

Comes The Hard Rain

The Last Playlist You’ll Ever Need.
Now with no Habeas Corpus or Posse Comi-ta-ta-s!
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“Born, Joel Haaglund October 7, 1879 —- Executed, Joe Hill November 19, 1915

Hill was executed by firing squad on November 19, 1915, and his last word was “Fire!” Just prior to his execution, he had written to Bill Haywood, an IWW leader, saying, “Goodbye Bill. I die like a true blue rebel. Don’t waste any time in mourning. Organize… Could you arrange to have my body hauled to the state line to be buried? I don’t want to be found dead in Utah.”

BTW: Trade Unionism is no friend of Labor.

Joe was an organizer who used pop music to spread the idea that Labor is the Source of Value. He was framed for the murders of two grocers, tried, and shot regardless of calls for reprieve from the US President.

That is how the Combine rolls.

Y’all now what the Combine is, yes?

The Combine harvests all to feed its own always-growing hunger.


There was a helluva lot more resistance 100 years ago, kids. You’ve gotta catch fire or They™ WILL crush your childrens’ futures into fine powder, mix it with aspartame and heroin, and make you buy it back as a daily suppository in lieu of a retirement. Every century needs a complete subsumance of margin gain, for Growth is why the Combine rolls.

You are the “how”, BTW.

General Strike. Now.

Comes The Hard Rains

0, hai. BTW; RE:

NS PD 51

Should i has worry abouts it?
Bush reframing the National Continuity Policy is another good deal, no doubt. Love his sense of acronym.
NS PD 51 May 25th 2007 by willyloman talks some about it.

I won’t. It’s Your Disneyland Deathcamp™, cutiez. Not mine.

One Of Those Third Eye Uncles


The Empire Never Ended.

excerpt from the above pdf shown in video:
“At the heart of fear of the unknown is the fear of freedom, the fear of responsibility, the fear of the self and the fear of life.

These are all the same thing for the hereditary slave.

At the heart of the fear of the unknown is anhedonia.”



“Anhedonia is the inability to love, to feel love or to express love. It is the inability to experience pleasure, to give it or receive it.

Anhedonia is the result of a preoccupation with the ego-image, a false conception of the self which springs not from the validation implicit in succeeding in establishing authentic relations with others, but from a paranoid hallucination that originates in the oldest and most archaic region of the human brain and otherwise manifests an underlying desire to return the womb.

At the heart of every anhedonic impulse to deny the self and to control others, so that they may not discover that we hate ourselves, worship idols and are prisoners of fear, is a moral absolutism.”

911 Safety, Inc., Ltd. LLC

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“Moral absolutisms change, but all are based on the false dichotomy of Good and Evil.

At the heart of every moral absolutism is an idée fixe.

Fixed ideas are the willing denial of reality. Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesnt go away.

At the heart of every idée fixe is amnesia.

At the heart of amnesia is oblivion.

Oblivion is the death of identity, the identity of death.

At the heart of oblivion is empire.

The empire never ended.”

American Truths

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“Empire is the antithesis of the infinite potential inherent to free will.

Empire is the tyranny of appearances.”

Misogyny and Murder Meet Enclosure

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“Empire is normality. Empire is the reduction of reality to a dogma.

Empire lives through us while we navigate oblivion, struggling blindly and desperately in our chains.

Empire is a prison of temporality. Empire imposes a narrative of linear time to forestall hope of a second chance in life and to instil a dread fear of making mistakes. Time is not linear; time follows the rhythm and characteristics of the seasonsbirth, growth, decline, death, rebirth.

Empire is living death; the personification of fear.”

Gringos Popos: Hearts and Minds

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“I must not fear.

Fear is the mindkiller.

Fear is the little death that brings total obliteration.

I will face my fear.

I will allow it to pass over me, and through me.

Where it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path.

Where the fear has gone there will be nothing.

Only I will remain.

This is the Litany Against Fear. Memorise it.”

961 Underground’s Secret (Malikah/LaGale = Divas d’LebHop)

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“Fear compels conformity and imposes amnesia by stealth. Fear colonises memory, identity and consciousness by stealth.

We will decolonise by stealth.

Leave no trail.

No leaders; no followers.

No aggression.

No machismo.”

Enclosure 2008

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“No playing the victim. Learned passivity and helplessness is part of the problem, not the solution.

No representatives. Anyone who claims to represent is the enemy. Empire is the representation of freedom and the reality of paranoid hallucination, manipulation and control.

When momentum builds, we will know. We will feel it in the air.

We will meet each other reborn as brothers and sisters on the streets. We will have never met, but we will know one another as we know ourselves.”

Comes The Hard Rain

Write John Twiss and tell him about how it takes a big man to gas hippy toddlers.
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Ah. Thee Way™.

They’re Just Some Bills.

From Open Congress.Org
H.R.5811 Electronic Message Preservation Act
H.J.Res.94 Whereas there is no greater expression of freedom and liberty than the defense of the God-given right of an individual to hold, possess, and use private property.
S.2875 Gray Wolf Livestock Loss Mitigation Act of 2008

S.J.39 A joint resolution proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the United States to abolish the electoral college and to provide for the direct popular election of the President and Vice President of the United States. Introduced Jun 06, 2008

So, yeah. W/e. Guess i’m good to go.

Cheney Bites Come With The Box

¡My Dream Date With Dick Chenebyte!


1.6180339 : 1 : 0.61803402

1.6180339 / 0.61803402 = 2.6180337

2.6180337 X 0.61803402 = 1.6180339

1.6180339 X 2.6180337 = 4.2360673

0.61803402 / 2.6180337 = 0.23606802

4.2360673 / 1.6180339 = 2.6180337

2.6180337 / 4.2360673 = 0.61803402

It’s A Small World After Monsanto Et Al: 3 Squares

In which i get a GM tomato, and Enclosure becomes personal.

Yep yep. All Hell Breaks Loose, in stop motion. America! Your clue: if you haven’t drawn a line and chosen a target, you are already on the wrong side of the chalk with a red dot or two tracking your hat-holder. You look like shit, BTW. I thought this was going to be so much harder, but here we are.

On Enclosure and Mandatory Obsolescent Consumption as Culture

LOne GunMeN – [auto]Pilot

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Hai, Happy Summer. The above drek is an example of shtick imitating futurelife imitating life, with the later being an insurance/redevelopment racket imitating a Machiavelian coup d’grace false-flag op imitating action by a grass-roots fundamentalist strike cell. Below is some relational mapping pertainant to the understanding of US Zionism as Foreign Policy Renderer.

The Compassionator of the Brookings Institution

Muckety Mapping

srry, we’re busy. Just nod and try to catch up on background during your dayshift, plz k thnx.

This is Enclosure.

A Homestead Impinged.

NOLA Enclosure

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We here at InterBai U are now a mere month from the auction block, where Ms K’s blood, sweat and innumerable tears/fistholes left in walls for the past 7 years will be transferred in a forced short-sale to parties unknown.

Forclosure is Enclosure with compound interest built into an insurable commodity share, tradable as an optionable future or a real good.

“We don’t care where you go but you can’t work here anymore.”

¡FkN NewZ!

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A condo is an air property, a floating idea of land that one may own or pay for as if owning, but whose actual value is totally dependent upon the leverage of the whole complex it is a part of. It is rather like a trailer house that one can’t move.

A Tesco Jail is a portable detention unit, developed by the Masters of Control in the UK.

Tesco Jail

Do the maths; Direct Democracy Now.

Enclosure as it impinges on the world today is largely flavored by the Anglo-Dutch financiers who perfected it in the Europe that made Them™ rich transnational dynasties to begin with. It never stops, and always has a new crisis and cure to offer the growing throngs of disenfranchised production units it continually herds into tighter zones.

O Bomba Baraka

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Some folks see the sickness by it’s symptoms, which is at least an acknowledgement of disfunction. At this point, i just encourage these folk. They see what humans do, they see the effects as wrong and doomed. They want a better Way™. This is as good a grasp as one can expect of the bald monkey.

You’ve Got Is’mael

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It is nowhere near enough to begin to combat the Combine. One must Gnow of the Hydrae, sing it’s myths and root out it’s true nature and origin to grasp the specifics of what must be done to slay it.

D’0w! Chemical Combinatikz

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It is unreasonable and illogical to expect focus and targeted actions from most of the bald monkey people, but those that are awake have begun the process of teaching themselves to think as individuals about what the collective is and must become.

Fish Stapler

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They are seeing the Braid for the first time, the lifeline that is woven of humans, things humans cultivate for consumption, and the land that bears both.

Against Enclosure

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For those of you who are truly ready to Be, watch the following series. It is created with specific intent to incite local unilateral collateral loss propagations. We will Gnow the Hydrae, and feed it into it’s own Combine one head at a time.

It’s A Small World According to Monsanto, Et Al

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It’s A Small World After Monsanto Takes All – IP Freely

0, hai. As the Nation has turned it’s glazed eyes toward the McCain Future, we here at the Kiosk Under The Light At The End Of The Tunnel Out Of The Death Of Democracy have turned ours back to the wonderful world of Law and it’s inevitably craptastic intersection with the Common Good™. To wit; we proffer the following for the elucidation and edutainmentation of all:

It’s A Small World After Monsanto Takes All

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H.R. 5889: Orphan Works Act of 2008

S. 2913: Shawn Bentley Orphan Works Act of 2008

Plagiarism Today – Orphan Works Bill

Polite Nerd’s Position RE: Orphan Works

H.R. 3578: Intellectual Property Rights Enforcement Act
To safeguard the economic health of the United States and the health and safety of United States citizens by improving the management, coordination, and effectiveness of domestic and international intellectual property rights enforcement, and for other purposes.

H.R. 3155: Intellectual Property Enhanced Criminal Enforcement Act of 2007

It’s A Small World After Monsanto Takes All – IP Community

open video in new window

[Hazzy on the disp.]

In April of 2008 the social necrotic of Intellectual Property Law manifested in illustratingly infelicitous fashion.

A Google-hosted video of “The World According To Monsanto – A Documentary That Americans Won’t Ever See” was discovered; “in the wild”, as it were. The video file was localized by choosing the “Download for Email” option provided by Google. This file was split into 12 segments for the YouTube audience as an educational service, being as the title implied that it was not being carried, broadcast or shown in the USA and the subject material impinges upon all Citizens.

The word “impinge” has a mid 16th century ORIGIN: from Latin impingere ?drive something in or at,? from in- ?into? + pangere ?fix, drive.? The word originally meant [thrust at forcibly] then [come into forcible contact]; hence [encroach on] by mid 1700’s: intrude on, infringe (on), invade, trespass on, obtrude, cut through, interfere with; violate; horn in on.

It is specifically describing the dislocation and disenfranchisement of the average person due to Enclosure of the Commons.

As predicted, the series was blocked at [host] due to copyright violation. An attempt to provide alternate hosting was met with immediate response, expected due to the
transparency of approach. Videos posted were removed within minutes of upload.

If education was the goal in producing the film,
The Film Board of Canada seem to be working against it.


It should be noted that no [userprofile] was harmed in this, the [Host] merely made the offending vids unstreamable. This appears to be a case of copyright interfering with educational endevours, and a fairly painless one at that. It’s understandable for creators to want distributive control of the media they make, but fair use of media from all mediums should be considered a trust of the public, a given grey area where one’s work enters the Commons of Human Knowledge and truly becomes a shared resource. It isn’t about piracy, and it isn’t about publishing or concessionary property.

It is about information, the exchange of which should be encouraged. It is about education, requisite to weigh the issue of a transnational corporate body with a toxic track record owning the Nation’s food supply; owning food, all food, due in no small part to the exploitation of an oxymoronic legal dysfunction known as Intellectual Property.

It is about Enclosure; that abhorition of Human Processes that fences, walls, divides, alienates, separates and denies the Individual the Commons in favor of usurping it for profit and power. That vile, arrogant tool of the Developer Classes that pushes and prods peasants from farm to factory to phone bank, from sharing grazing pasture to sharing mass graves, from open waters to the bellies of company trowlers. Enclosure of the land has been completed.

Enclosure of the Public Trust has nearly been completed, with the death of analogue broadcasting in 2009 being one of the last hedgerows. Think about it: most utility resources are spoken for, fenced away from casual use as needed by individuals and in most cases privatized with State enforcement of trespass.

There is one Commons left. Our Common Mind, our Intellect; which is the dynamic hypernodal expression of our individual contributions to the Shared Folder of Human Knowledge and Experience.

[Hazzy 0ut.]

For a hot time, goto: http://www.govtrack.us/congress/billsearch.xpd
Ask for keyword = “copyright” and/or “intellectual property”!

S. 1505: Affordable Biologics for Consumers Act

H.R. 2900: Food and Drug Administration Amendments Act of 2007
To amend the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act to revise and extend the user-fee programs for prescription drugs and for medical devices, to enhance the postmarket authorities of the Food and Drug Administration with respect to the safety of drugs, and for other purposes.

S. 2242: Heartland, Habitat, Harvest, and Horticulture Act of 2007
An original bill to amend the Trade Act of 1974 to establish supplemental agricultural disaster assistance and to amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to provide tax incentives for conservation and alternative energy sources and to provide tax relief for farmers, and for other purposes.

H.R. 2207: Agricultural Disaster Assistance and Western States Emergency Unfinished Business Appropriations Act, 2007
Making supplemental appropriations for agricultural and other emergency assistance for the fiscal year ending September 30, 2007, and for other purposes.

Section 1009 -Appropriates amounts for emergency grants for low-income migrant and seasonal farmworkers.

Know The Chemical Combine’s Hydra Heads:

Monsanto in Wikipedia and Monsanto at SourceWatch

The Combine’s Future Plans:

Dupont returns the Hydra to India
Triumph (of the Will) Seed

The Combine’s Legacy Of Agricultural Endevours:

A Conservative Conservation Truth

Agent Orange
The Feel-Bad Rainbow
40 years of poison law
Prop H – Mendecino, CA
Dream Deferral

What Monsanto (et al) do with IP:

Who Owns Life? Canadian Farmer Sued by Monsanto
Seeds of Discontent

What you can do:

The Great Boycott

Elephant Enclosure

Enclosure is most often glaringly apparent in agriculture, where it springs at the individual and community alike; it’s hydrae-headed avarice greedily puncturing all targets on any level with amazingly audacious lethality.

The World According to Monsanto

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I quoth my ThierTubeSelf’s sidebar:

“Enclosure of all things food by the transnational agrichem Combine.

Hey EduTainers! noticed some people spreading this around, good good, way it should be. Just letting one and all know that the full, intact and higher rez version is still up at Google:

http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-842180934463681887& amp;hl=en

…Just FYI, to help you help others help themselves to understand why The Combine sux. Like (ideally) these folks have/are:





and the mysterious:


Thanks, and have a pleasant tomorrow as well as a Happy, nontoxic, OpenSource Spring Sowing.”

Permaculture is Thee Way out of the Samsaric cycle of Enclosure and Eternal Redevelopment. Definitional, really. Do it right, instead of ad nauseum.

FI: Permaculturae Practicalii

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There would still be the matter of the Enclosure of your Labor as sublimated surplus.

That’s OUR Surplus, Slicke!

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I can think of no better current worst-case example of Enclosure than Palestine with it’s Wall of Hate.

Blame Canada

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Although there are more poignant non-human examples of curtailed freedoms and shrunken Commons pressuring a population into slavery and genocide.

The Thai Elephant Orchestra

Dave Soldier, Elephant Sonic Perpetuator

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There’s no time like now to make a free-floating noise.

Mssss Apri’

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